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(also scag)
mainly North American
  • 1 informal Heroin.

    • ‘I'd say it wouldn't take much to make him try a bit of the old skag.’
    • ‘Let the mocking world slide by as long as I've got my scag and my needle.’
    • ‘And with his money, he'll have every skag dealer inside throwing drugs at him until he's bled dry and out of it.’
    • ‘Anything that makes kids read instead of shooting up skag is a good thing in my opinion.’
    • ‘When I was a kid, I would have confessed to having done skag if it would make me look hard and edgy.’
    • ‘I thought the skag head had jumped in the car right there.’
  • 2 informal, derogatory An unattractive woman.



/skaɡ/ /skæɡ/


Early 20th century (in sense ‘cigarette’): of unknown origin.