Definition of skerry in English:


Pronunciation /ˈskerē/ /ˈskɛri/


  • A reef or rocky island.

    • ‘Some are just mudflats, some just sandbanks, many are rocky outcrops and skerries known only to seals, albatrosses, and retired lighthouse-keepers.’
    • ‘A boat from the killer fleet had struck the reef out past the skerries and was being pounded to pieces by the pelting waves.’
    • ‘The resulting crumbs range in size from mere nameless skerries to islands the size of a city centre like Lidingö.’
    • ‘Angus looked round and saw waves creaming on a long skerry.’
    • ‘An inflatable from the lifeboat helped put the vessel's anchor down, so that she could winch herself off the skerry.’
    shoal, bar, sandbar, sandbank, spit


Early 17th century Orkney dialect, from Old Norse sker.



/ˈskerē/ /ˈskɛri/