Definition of skerry in English:


nounplural noun skerries

  • A reef or rocky island.

    ‘Some are just mudflats, some just sandbanks, many are rocky outcrops and skerries known only to seals, albatrosses, and retired lighthouse-keepers.’
    • ‘A boat from the killer fleet had struck the reef out past the skerries and was being pounded to pieces by the pelting waves.’
    • ‘The resulting crumbs range in size from mere nameless skerries to islands the size of a city centre like Lidingö.’
    • ‘Angus looked round and saw waves creaming on a long skerry.’
    • ‘An inflatable from the lifeboat helped put the vessel's anchor down, so that she could winch herself off the skerry.’
    shoal, bar, sandbar, sandbank, spit



/ˈskerē/ /ˈskɛri/


Early 17th century Orkney dialect, from Old Norse sker.