Definition of ski pants in English:

ski pants

plural noun

  • 1Trousers worn for skiing.

    ‘I grabbed a gray hat from one friend, a blue coat from another and a red scarf and hot-pink ski pants from a third.’
    • ‘The day of the party promises mittens and hats, mufflers and ski pants, toboggans and sleds.’
    • ‘Eric was wearing long johns, leather boots, ski pants, a vest, a fleece hat, gloves, and a down jacket.’
    • ‘Women on the gender-segregated runs are allowed to strip down to parkas and ski pants instead of wearing their usual ankle-length robes.’
    • ‘You start the day with sweaters and ski pants.’
    • ‘That dream became a reality in early 1997, after Sullivan received a pair of ski pants from a friend who had just returned from the French Alps.’
    • ‘Better to hire someone, and since I'd rather buy snazzy new ski pants than pay an instructor, the lessons have been few.’
    • ‘You wore a lot of tartan checked ski pants around winter 1986.’
    • ‘If you are still clinging to polyester ski pants and an old knit, long sleeved, bike jersey as your race suit, consider Lycra.’
    • ‘For a swift kick in the ski pants, sip the Sledgehammer espresso blend.’
    • ‘It is amazing what the Dynafit engineers placed in a package weighing less than your ski pants.’
    • ‘She went to the hall closet and pulled out her heavy ski jacket, ski pants and boots.’
    • ‘I bought an electric-blue, down-filled Fera puffed jacket and paired it with black stretch boot-leg ski pants.’
    1. 1.1Women's trousers made of stretchy fabric, having tapering legs and an elastic stirrup under each foot.
      ‘Wool blend knickers and ski pants are nonskid, as is pile fabric.’
      • ‘She is wearing a figure hugging white bodice and tight ski pants which perfectly show off her dancer's figure and dark colouring.’
      • ‘When last seen, Imelda was wearing leopard-skin ski pants, a white jumper, blue denim jacket and black shoes.’
      • ‘‘Oh, and look at that,’ he said, elbowing me and nodding toward a woman wearing tight ski pants.’
      • ‘Bloc comes in a chi-chi little silver canister slim enough to pocket without spoiling the line of your Ralph Lauren second-skin ski pants.’


ski pants

/ˈskē ˌpan(t)s/ /ˈski ˌpæn(t)s/