Definition of skinny-dip in English:


Pronunciation /ˈskinēˌdip/ /ˈskɪniˌdɪp/

intransitive verb

[no object]informal
  • Swim naked.

    • ‘we spotted the local teenagers skinny-dipping’
    • ‘The young girl seeks refuge in nature, by walking through the empty woods or skinny-dipping in the local creek.’
    • ‘The six-hour hike to the site winds past streams, pools, and smaller waterfalls, all perfect for skinny-dipping.’
    • ‘Break into a public swimming pool at 3 a.m. and go skinny-dipping.’
    • ‘In fact, there are plenty of places we'd go skinny-dipping.’
    • ‘People were bicycling in bikinis and skinny-dipping all over the place!’
    • ‘I've been skinny-dipping in the sea and I loved the delicious sense of freedom - then again, it was dark.’
    • ‘Altogether it is rather like skinny-dipping in a lake of shooting stars on the happiest day of your childhood.’
    • ‘There's something about witnessing art out of doors that's akin to skinny-dipping.’
    • ‘I went skinny-dipping in the ocean at midnight at the turn of the millennium.’
    • ‘‘Well, thanks, I think,’ answered David. ‘Does this mean you'll go skinny-dipping with me?’’
    • ‘We used to go skinny-dipping in a brook not far from here through the woods.’
    • ‘Are these the alleyways you snuck through to go skinny-dipping with Johnny?’
    • ‘I wondered idly if the girls ever went skinny-dipping.’
    • ‘Tobit and his gang were skinny-dipping in the lake.’
    • ‘Maybe someday, sticky and sweaty, I'll be tempted to skinny-dip in some meandering tributary of the Amazon River.’
    • ‘Then there were those university boys she and I picked up at a Karaoke bar and brought back to our cabin for some skinny-dipping.’
    • ‘Other than an episode of skinny-dipping and letting the boy next door take her shirt off, very little happens.’
    • ‘Trouble begins when assorted bits of a skinny-dipping coed turn up on the beach.’
    • ‘And yet, everything about the seafood place evokes the queasiness of skinny-dipping in a sump.’
    • ‘Don't you know skinny-dipping is illegal in some parts of the nation?’


  • A naked swim.

    ‘Dry off in seconds after a glacial-lake skinny-dip or your first hot shower in weeks with Aquis's Adventure Towel.’
    • ‘I promptly strip off and go for a quick skinny-dip in the pool.’
    • ‘Every morning, regardless of season, Albert had taken his routine skinny-dip in the lake.’
    • ‘A quick skinny-dip left two drunks red-faced when children nicked their clothes and ran off.’