Definition of skirt-chaser in English:


Pronunciation /ˈskərtˌCHāsər/ /ˈskərtˌtʃeɪsər/


  • A man who pursues women amorously and is casual in his affections; a womanizer.

    ‘Conrad had been a skirt-chaser and a dandy’
    • ‘Like many other men who are unrepentant skirt-chasers, he appears to hold women in an awkward place between reverence, fear, and contempt.’
    • ‘Besides, Robinson was supposed to have been one of the most incorrigible skirt-chasers of his time.’
    • ‘Smitten with Angel, a high-maintenance diva, Troy vows to relinquish the life of a skirt-chaser if only he can get Angel in his arms.’
    • ‘Michael preferred the term skirt-chaser, but it was personal preference.’
    • ‘So it was that David turned into something of a reveler and a skirt-chaser, instead of the quiet youth he was before.’
    • ‘C. David Johnson hams it up deliciously as the foolish, old skirt-chaser, though he sacrifices a few lines to his comic bluster.’
    philanderer, ladies' man, playboy, rake, roué, loose-liver, Don Juan, Lothario, Casanova, Romeo



/ˈskərtˌCHāsər/ /ˈskərtˌtʃeɪsər/