Definition of skirting in English:


(also skirting board)

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Pronunciation /ˈskərdiNG/ /ˈskərdɪŋ/


  • A wooden board running along the base of an interior wall; a baseboard.

    ‘the point where the skirting and the stairs meet’
    mass noun ‘a length of skirting’
    • ‘All glass framing is let into the structure and there are no architraves or skirtings.’
    • ‘Remove one panel of skirting from each corner; this usually works if the skunk is living above the ground or in articles stored under the trailer.’
    • ‘If you prefer, lattice or other style panels may be use to match the skirting on the porch.’
    • ‘If similar skirting is used to match the rest of the room, the bay will blend in easier with the walls.’
    • ‘Then have a skirting line the same color as the floor tile.’
    • ‘This allows the skirting cuts to be square and the cut skirting to be slid into position inside the nosing cuts.’
    • ‘‘The internal walls are dry-lined and plastered and all skirting and wood trim is varnished,’ Copeland said.’
    • ‘If this is not possible, add light with a vinyl silk emulsion on the walls and gloss paint for the woodwork, skirting and window and door frames.’
    • ‘Walnut doors and skirting are complemented by stark white walls and most bedrooms contain fitted wardrobes.’



/ˈskərdiNG/ /ˈskərdɪŋ/