Definition of sky-high in English:


adverb & adjective

  • 1As if reaching the sky; very high.

    as adverb ‘they were blown sky-high’
    • ‘Well placed to win three low-profile races in the north, Overstrand has had his confidence boosted sky-high.’
    • ‘Had the one-dayers been played all in a heap, the South Aricans may well have continued to call the shots, their confidence having been blown sky-high.’
    • ‘Clearly, they are a team whose confidence has been boosted sky-high as a result of several triumphs.’
    • ‘Despite Nigel's existential grapplings, 2004 could send him and his bandmates soaring sky-high.’
    • ‘Still, insurance rates had risen, and security on dams and pumping stations soared sky-high, underwritten by our taxes.’
    • ‘Don't waste your time trying to kill it in other ways than blowing it sky-high out of the water and into little tiny sharklet pieces.’
    • ‘College principal Leo Solomon said: ‘If the fire had got to those cylinders the whole building would have gone sky-high.’’
    • ‘The municipality's greatest act of cruelty was to sit and do nothing as a few unpaid tax bills were driven sky-high by compound interest.’
    • ‘By covering all the bases well before try-outs, you'll prevent freak-outs, plus your confidence will shoot sky-high.’
    high, tall, lofty, elevated, soaring, sky-high, sky-scraping, steep, mountainous, imposing, multistorey
    1. 1.1At or to a very high level; very great.
      as adjective ‘sky-high premiums’
      • ‘I see that violent crime is out of control in our cities, snuffing out lives, mangling the limbs of the innocent, raising anxiety levels sky-high.’
      • ‘Expert view: His cholesterol levels must be sky-high.’
      • ‘Without Arnie, it is highly debatable if today's prize money would be halfway near its current sky-high levels.’
      • ‘Plastic processed cheese with practically no nutritional value but sky-high levels of fat is promoted as a source of protein.’
      • ‘And with Americans eating out more often, anyone who measured the sky-high salt levels in restaurant foods could have predicted trouble.’
      • ‘‘It was a hard time - tax levels were sky-high, and it was hard to motivate anyone to work,’ said Doyle.’
      • ‘Not only that, the interest at these sky-high levels will also be back-dated to when you took out the agreement.’
      • ‘This may be helpful in a particularly high-risk area, where premiums are sky-high or insurance coverage is generally very difficult to come by.’
      • ‘Police called for sky-high car insurance premiums in Greater Manchester to be slashed after a huge fall in vehicle crime in the region.’
      • ‘Others argue that it was the sky-high insurance premiums.’
      • ‘The levels always pack enough challenges to keep the tension ratcheted sky-high.’
      • ‘Your chances of attracting a guy can reach sky-high limits, and the only work involved is getting involved.’