Definition of sky wave in English:

sky wave


  • A radio wave reflected from the ionosphere.

    ‘HF has excellent sky wave and good surface wave performance and is good for long range communications, though it is subject to interference.’
    • ‘The AS2259, near vertical incident sky wave, worked sometimes, but a doublet antenna 10 feet off the ground nearly always worked.’
    • ‘Fading can also occur on long circuits when sky wave signals take multiple hops to reach the receiver.’
    • ‘The ground wave is much stronger than the sky wave so softer wave pockets can be found at the closer distances.’
    • ‘The most important factor that effects the propagation of sky waves is the ionosphere.’
    • ‘As well as the ground wave, which propagates at all times, at night a sky wave is also propagated via the ionosphere.’
    • ‘These radio signals are termed sky waves for obvious reason.’
    • ‘Which of the following layers of the Ionosphere has no effect on sky wave propagation during the hours of darkness?’
    • ‘It should be mentioned that neither surface waves nor sky waves are possible in space or on airless bodies such as the Moon.’
    • ‘At intermediate ranges, the sky wave will be coming in at an appreciable angle and it will be less effected by mountains.’
    • ‘Note that some absorption of sky waves may also occur at lower atmospheric levels because of the presence of water and water vapor.’
    • ‘Using sky waves it is thus impossible to work on frequencies too away below or above the MUF.’
    • ‘Regional over the horizon communications are possible through a sky wave technique called tropospheric scatter (troposcatter or just tropo).’


sky wave

/skī wāv/ /skaɪ weɪv/