Definition of skycap in English:



North American
  • A porter at an airport.

    • ‘When we got to the Burbank Airport, the skycap asked for our IDs.’
    • ‘I got to LAX 2 hours prior to flight time, had the skycap check my bags and check me in, and headed to security.’
    • ‘Some airports charge $2, plus tip, to use the services of a skycap to check a bag.’
    • ‘And I decided that the elderly woman in the wheelchair being pushed by a skycap was old money.’
    • ‘The mandatory fee could also lead to reduced tips for the skycaps, ‘and that's how they make their money,’ De Pace adds.’
    • ‘American Airlines has been testing a $2 fee for fliers who use skycaps to check luggage at curbside locations.’
    • ‘Uncertain body language is like blood in the water for robbers, touts and con artists, all of whom lurk outside Customs like skycaps.’
    • ‘Frankly, the sight of our former CTO loading bags with the other free-agent skycaps was a little unsettling.’
    • ‘The wonderful and very helpful skycaps do not carry a pocketful of liability-release forms.’
    • ‘Money talks in Vegas, so drop $10 or $20 on a skycap for quicker service when time gets tight.’
    • ‘The wolverine gave a claim-ticket to the skycap, tipping him in advance.’
    • ‘Now, free skycap service appears to be the next casualty.’
    carrier, bearer, baggage carrier, baggage bearer