Definition of slacken in English:


Pronunciation /ˈslakən/ /ˈslækən/

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  • Make or become slack.

    with object ‘he slackened his grip’
    • ‘the joints can be tightened and slackened off again’
    • ‘the pace never slackens’
    • ‘She had slackened off her seat belt slightly to allow her to turn towards Knowles and plead with him.’
    • ‘I slackened off the pressure slightly, encouraging the skate to dive, which it did.’
    • ‘Cael felt the grip on him suddenly slacken as the weapon implanted itself in the man's chest.’
    • ‘As Noel started to claw the line back the line slackened and Noel thought he had lost the fish, but it was still on.’
    • ‘Suddenly taken by curiosity, he let is grip slacken and opened it up.’
    • ‘State universities slackened their grip, and private universities such as Columbia followed suit.’
    • ‘Then, the rod kicked straight and his line slackened.’
    • ‘The line slackened again and the rod lifted upright.’
    • ‘Draconis froze, his body stiffening, his grip slackening.’
    • ‘Reed, more in shock than pain, slackened his grip.’
    • ‘They flew on for what felt like hours to Hazel but her grip never slackened around the neck of the Quebba.’
    • ‘He gave a grunt of pain and his grip around her throat slackened enough that she was able to break free.’
    • ‘But his grip did not slacken, and he pulled her outside into an ally.’
    • ‘I could feel her grip around my waist slacken as she realized I could hold myself steady on the stallion, my hands wrapped in its mane.’
    • ‘He did not once slacken his grip until someone cut him off near the river.’
    • ‘She could feel his grip on her slacken and saw the glassy look in his eyes.’
    • ‘Acacia felt his grip slacken just enough for her to break free and run for the back door.’
    • ‘Her head felt light and her grip on the reins slackened.’
    • ‘His hands became gentler as he slackened his grip slightly.’
    • ‘The tendrils began to slacken and released their grip on her.’
    loosen, make looser, release, relax, loose
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