Definition of slacktivism in English:



  • The practice of supporting a political or social cause by means such as social media or online petitions, characterized as involving very little effort or commitment.

    • ‘such email alerts make slacktivism easy’
    • ‘E-petitions are the latest manifestation of slacktivism, the search for the ultimate feel-good that derives from having come to society's rescue without having had to actually get one's hands dirty or open one's wallet.’
    • ‘Likewise, it's slacktivism that prompts us to want to join a boycott of designated gas companies or eschew buying gasoline on a particular day rather than reduce our personal consumption of fossil fuels by driving less and taking the bus more often.’
    • ‘Slacktivism comes in many forms but its key defining characteristic is its central theme of doing good with little or no effort on the part of person inspired to participate in the forwarding, exhorting, collecting, or e-signing.’
    • ‘Digital activism is not slacktivism.’
    • ‘For all the negative talk about slacktivism, people are failing to recognize that there is actually a huge response coming from the community.’
    • ‘In recent months, referring to much of online activism as ineffectual "slacktivism" has become increasingly popular.’
    • ‘I'm not saying there aren't problems in the world, but slactivism won't solve a single one of them.’
    • ‘The essence of slacktivism is the sensation that you've accomplished something of political impact when you've done nothing.’
    • ‘This article examines whether performing acts of political participation on the Internet should be seen as slacktivism or as virtual activism.’
    • ‘Most critics acknowledge that there is a political core in slacktivism, even if it may be very well hidden.’
    • ‘You can make the case that slacktivism is important because it makes people feel affiliated to a movement and be part of it, and talk about it.’



/ˈslaktəˌvizəm/ /ˈslæktəˌvɪzəm/


1990s blend of slack (verb) and activism.