Definition of slam dunk in English:

slam dunk

(also slam-dunk)


  • 1Basketball
    A shot in which a player thrusts the ball down through the basket.

    ‘they won on a slam dunk with two seconds remaining’
    as modifier ‘a slam-dunk competition’
    • ‘Erving was introduced as ‘the man who's turned the slam dunk into an art and thrilled ABA fans with moves beyond recognition.’’
    • ‘Once upon a time, players entered the slam dunk contest because it gave them a shot at endorsements and a nice extra paycheck.’
    • ‘You can have mad skill, killer hops and handle, or the monster slam dunk.’
    • ‘Yesterday the NBA announced the four contestants in the annual slam dunk contest.’
    • ‘‘Since this morning after breakfast,’ said Pyron, he then did a slam dunk.’
    1. 1.1North American informal usually as modifier Something reliable or unfailing; a foregone conclusion or certainty.
      ‘the film season's one slam-dunk hit’
      • ‘When they started to play, they were a slam-dunk hit.’
      • ‘It's a slam-dunk violation of the 1st Amendment and freedom of the press.’
      • ‘A Pittsburgh native, Neish welcomed the slam-dunk introduction to Philly's dance culture.’
      • ‘As Wattles says: ‘Falsely attributing criminal conduct to someone is a slam-dunk libel in just about every state.’’
      • ‘Later, as we chatted in his ninth-floor office, he explained: ‘It's not a slam dunk.’’
      • ‘Thermaltake scored a slam dunk with this cooler, no doubt about it.’
      • ‘Shoba's walk-through feels like a crushing defeat, but A.G.'s is a slam dunk.’
      • ‘At first, it was thought his deregulation agenda was a slam dunk.’
      • ‘But a malpractice suit, given all the complexities, wouldn't be a slam dunk.’
      • ‘With all three plays showing together, it's a slam dunk.’
      • ‘It sounds silly now, but Palmer wasn't a slam dunk at the time.’
      • ‘Talented people don't want an easy slam dunk; they want a challenge.’
      • ‘The group lobbied the City Council, and it was a slam dunk.’
      • ‘Plugging Dana into that tactic, Yost argues, is a slam dunk.’
      • ‘I had chosen a slam dunk in Indian Food in Seattle: India Bistro.’
      • ‘Still, product placement is not necessarily a slam dunk.’
      • ‘‘From the cost perspective it was a slam dunk,’ the facility executive said.’
      • ‘This one should be a slam dunk for the Democrats.’
      • ‘So, the choice should be a slam dunk here, right?’
      • ‘Good heavens, I mean this should be a slam-dunk.’


[with object]
  • 1Basketball
    Thrust (the ball) down through the basket.

    ‘I do know that when they slam-dunk the ball we celebrate’
    no object ‘he could slam-dunk like a bandit!’
    • ‘Without even breaking a sweat, she slam-dunked the ball.’
    • ‘It shows Michael with a soccer ball in his right hand, almost like he's read to slam-dunk it.’
    • ‘Jim watches as she slam-dunks the fifth bag of tea into the pot.’
    • ‘As you all watch Michael Jordan slam-dunk, Pam scribbles in her diary.’
    • ‘Then, bad boy Ghidrah suddenly reaches out and slam-dunks him.’
    • ‘Thanks to advertising, by the mid- 90s Jordan earned more as a living logo than he did slam-dunking.’
    1. 1.1North American informal Defeat or dismiss decisively.
      ‘they continue to slam-dunk every proposal we make’
      • ‘‘I don't think you can ideologically slam-dunk Social Security in the Congress,’ said Panetta.’
      • ‘In CA's case, voters will likely slam-dunk an Initiative directing $3 BILLION of State moolah to such research.’
      • ‘Bolt and Devine avoid it completely by slam-dunking anyone who raises such matters with accusations of bad faith.’
      • ‘In fact, Williams has a professional history of slam-dunking the competition.’
      • ‘He ended up getting punched in the jaw and slam-dunked with a twelve pound turkey.’
      dismiss, reject, brush aside, play down, spurn, rebuff, repudiate, disregard, discount, wave aside, make light of, make little of, belittle, treat with contempt, ridicule, deride, mock, hold up to scorn, scoff at, sneer at


slam dunk