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  • 1usually the slammer informal Prison.

    • ‘if he had lived, he'd be in the slammer today’
    • ‘Community service was firmly out of the question, and he was sent to the slammer for 10 years, eventually being transferred to Alcatraz.’
    • ‘The guy broke out of the slammer and shot her at point blank range.’
    • ‘And I could have you spending the night in the slammer with one single phone call.’
    • ‘But the reality is that people may not have had a conviction for the last 10 years because they have been inside the slammer.’
    • ‘During a recent show in Oklahoma, Tillman's response to unappreciative fans got him tossed in the slammer.’
    • ‘Isn't it time some of the big-time dippers spent some time in the slammer as well?’
    • ‘Either they could spend 60 days in the slammer with no chance of parole, and pay a hefty fine, or they could go for the second option.’
    • ‘Perhaps it is you that corrupts whatever guy you get to know since we all seem destined for the slammer!’
    • ‘It's a lot worse being in jail, and you don't honestly deserve to be in the slammer.’
    • ‘Your mom just got my big brother stuck in the slammer.’
    • ‘We have been tortured for 30 years for no reason and I would like to see some of them doing 30 years in the slammer.’
    • ‘The CEO faces 25 years in the slammer for ‘false financial filings’.’
    • ‘A guilt-ridden Jack quickly turns himself in for the hit-and-run, and is sent back to the slammer, his faith in God severely shaken.’
    • ‘And Luke really didn't think he'd handle the slammer very well.’
    • ‘I now hear Pauline is being put into the slammer for three years!’
    • ‘But on balance I think I'd stop short of sticking them in the slammer for 5 years.’
    • ‘Apparently, it is the intention of prisoners abroad that no other Brits will ever be housed in Uncle Joe's slammer again.’
    • ‘After Obeidi got out of Army slammer, the CIA started hedging on its promises to get him out of the country.’
    jail, prison, cell, police cell, place of detention, place of confinement, detention centre
  • 2mainly North American A person who deliberately collides with others when slam-dancing.

    ‘a bit further back the slammers and bashers danced, shoved, tussled’
    • ‘The slammers and hip-hoppers doubtless would find this collection hopelessly literary.’
    • ‘They rate the slammers on performance, content and overall vibe.’



/ˈslamər/ /ˈslæmər/