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Pronunciation /slant/ /slænt/

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  • 1usually with adverbial of direction Slope or lean in a particular direction; diverge or cause to diverge from the vertical or horizontal.

    no object ‘a plowed field slanted up to the skyline’
    • ‘slant your skis as you turn’
    slope, tilt, incline, be at an angle, angle, tip, cant, be askew, skew, lean, dip, pitch, shelve, list, bank, heel
    oblique, sloping, at an angle, angled, not straight, on an incline, inclined, tilting, tilted, atilt, slanted, aslant, slantwise, diagonal, canted, cambered, leaning, dipping, shelving, listing
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    1. 1.1(especially of light or shadow) fall in an oblique direction.
      • ‘the early sun slanted across the mountains’
      sideways, sidewise, sidelong, sideward, edgewise, edgeways, side, flank, wing, indirect, oblique, slanting
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  • 2Present or view (information) from a particular angle, especially in a biased or unfair way.

    ‘Democrats argued that the station's coverage was slanted toward Republicans’
    • ‘everybody slants their research, whether they admit it or not’
    bias, distort, twist, skew, colour, weight, spin, angle, orient, give a slant to, give a bias to
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  • 1in singular A sloping position.

    ‘the hedge grew at a slant’
    • ‘cut flower stems on the slant’
    • ‘The world is at a slant in these paintings, askew, all slope.’
    • ‘Some were tilted 90 degrees; some were even at a slant.’
    • ‘Innes' own piece, an abstract work with deep purple and white squares, is not only placed out of view in a private room but has been hung at a slant.’
    • ‘While unit is still warm enough that syrup has not hardened, scrape off with a single-edge razor blade held at a slant, being careful not to cut fingers or scratch the cooktop.’
    • ‘‘We might find some new friends, but I bet they're just like us,’ Steven said as he sat with his legs stretched out together and his arms handing his body up at a slant.’
    • ‘The twin long swords, one sword-belt around his waist, the other at a slant to his side, hung comfortably around him, their weight reassuring.’
    • ‘Many hung close to the ceiling, the floor, or at a slant.’
    • ‘Bring your knees to your chest, when you get to the other side - while still holding onto the bars - and push yourself up, at a slant.’
    • ‘Pearson shared his wall with the computer station, plus it was shorter than ours since our front door, the one that led to the living room, was at a slant.’
    • ‘Recently, Jenkins used two pairs of paintings in a home at a slant where dormer windows met a wall in order to create height in a small space.’
    • ‘His head rested at a slant, his unseeing eyes staring at the ground.’
    • ‘In contrast, when the plant becomes a creeper, the fibers run more at a slant [see illustration below].’
    • ‘He lays a red shaft at his feet, pointing toward the target, and sticks a purple one in the ground behind him at a slant.’
    • ‘She heard a soft knock on her window and saw the silhouette of Chris sitting on the slant outside her window.’
    • ‘Fingers on the right hand are behind the ones of the left hand at a slant, thumb tips touching each other.’
    • ‘Cabinets filled the corners and the ceiling was at a slant, it was obvious to the oblivious that this room was underneath a staircase.’
    • ‘If doubt may arise as to which end of the cutting is the top, cut the top end of each cutting at a slant and cut the bottom horizontally.’
    • ‘I was dizzy and at a slant that the dusty road put me on.’
    • ‘With some few exceptions, the Pennsylvania axe generally has a slanted base, sloping towards the back, and complementing the slant at the top of the blade plate.’
    • ‘At their feet, the artist painted a weird shape that turns out to be a grinning skull when you hold the picture at a slant and view it in the right way.’
    slope, incline, tilt, ramp, gradient, pitch, angle, rake, cant, camber, skew, leaning, inclination, shelving, listing
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  • 2A particular point of view from which something is seen or presented.

    ‘a new slant on science’
    • ‘These two books, and the others they have written, are sheer delight as well as deep, repeatedly startling the reader with something unexpected, or coming at something familiar but at a slant.’
    • ‘Poetry in particular moves at a slant or tangent, taking advantage of the ambiguity of words, the various meanings to be found in them.’
    • ‘People were trying to look for a negative rather than a positive slant, which is the way they have chosen to go.’
    point of view, viewpoint, standpoint, stance, angle, perspective, approach, view, opinion, attitude, position, frame of reference
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  • Sloping.

    ‘slant pockets’
    • ‘The button front skirt, with elastic in the back waist, has two deep slant pockets with security pockets hidden inside.’
    • ‘Use it on pants or shorts with a fly-front zipper and side-seam or slant pockets.’
    • ‘David Carr's first quarter slant pass to Jabar Gaffney deflected into the hands of Marlon McCree, who returned the interception 35 yards to the Texan.’
    • ‘Amani Toomer has the speed to break big plays, the size to do damage on slant patterns and the hands to make the spectacular catch.’
    • ‘Similarly noncleavage fracture in thin sheets of engineering materials occurs exclusively by shear rupture and the fracture profile appears similar to the slant fracture.’
    • ‘The fracture surface is a fibrous slant fracture.’
    • ‘This made Mason an easy target for a slant route.’
    • ‘But on the first play of the fourth quarter, Beuerlein's slant pass to a wide-open Smith was behind him.’
    • ‘His old eyes, brown and lazy, gazed ahead from under a slant brow.’
    • ‘In mid to late spring the slant roofs would be taken down again.’
    • ‘One disadvantage of a slant load is for people with large horses.’
    • ‘Elapsed time is recorded between the emitted and returning signals, to compute a slant distance.’
    • ‘The resulting dikaryons were cultured on slant medium to test for fruiting phenotypes.’
    • ‘Then John drilled me on a slant pattern that put the ball on the eight-yard line.’
    • ‘The passing attack will continue to emphasize slant patterns and crossing routes.’
    • ‘A trickle of blood came down the slant side of the podium and dripped off the side.’
    • ‘The slant launching method, unlike vertical launch, allows the missile's on-board seeker to be locked on to the target before launch.’
    • ‘Defenses also often walked out a linebacker to Moss' side of the field to help defend slant routes.’
    • ‘Use stay tape on the slant pocket seam edge to prevent it from stretching.’
    • ‘The passing attack will continue to emphasize slant patterns and crossing routes.’
    at a slant, on the slant, at an angle, not straight, slanting, slanted, slantwise, slant, oblique, leaning, inclining, inclined, angled, cambered, canted
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Late Middle English variant of dialect slent, of Scandinavian origin, probably influenced by aslant.