Definition of slanting in English:



  • Positioned or directed in a sloping or oblique direction.

    ‘the slanting beams of the roof’
    ‘the slanting rays of the evening sun’
    • ‘For brief moments the rain would relent, teasingly, then come slashing into the arena in slanting waves.’
    • ‘The V-shaped rear window fits in perfectly with the slanting windscreen.’
    • ‘According to the principles of calligraphy, writing should be upright or slanting to the right.’
    • ‘Even the road, usually a flat gray path, glowed like a soft yellow ribbon in the slanting, weakening sun.’
    • ‘He thought of the blurred oval of light on the slanting bedroom ceiling, the silence of the dark house.’
    • ‘There was a choppy sea & a slanting wind bringing all the water & spray on deck.’
    • ‘At the left end of the slanting table is the knob of the tension screw.’
    • ‘A darkened backward slanting vertical bar is present beneath the eyes.’
    • ‘A slanting cut allows moisture to run off away from the bud, which would otherwise rot.’
    • ‘One pair is identical in orientation, creating a corridor of parallel, slightly slanting walls.’
    • ‘Unfortunately about 40 minutes into the cave we came to a slanting rift that I found bit awkward.’
    • ‘That brilliantly slanting September sun followed me all the way to my destination.’
    • ‘The guests in the upper deck do not risk getting drenched in the rain, since the boat has a slanting roof.’
    • ‘Also called ribbon stalactite, cave bacon forms when water flows through a crack in a slanting ceiling.’
    • ‘Mellow chestnut forests, vineyards and fertile farmland glow golden in the slanting sunlight and the whole island overflows with harvest plenty.’
    • ‘Her slanting, unblinking eyes had a snakelike malevolence.’
    • ‘It is, though, a desirable middle-class property, as it sits along with its uniform neighbours on the slanting road.’
    • ‘As the ship went down, survivors in nearby rafts could see the four chaplains, arms linked and braced against the slanting deck.’
    • ‘The narrow wedge of space under the slanting roof is open to keep out rain but allow in light and air.’
    • ‘The slanting rays of the sun accentuated the folds and valleys.’