Definition of slasher in English:



  • 1A person or thing that slashes.

    • ‘Of course, Newt also increased spending for his own office budget, by $600,000, so he's not quite the budget slasher he claims to be, but let's look deeper into his ice bucket.’
    • ‘Visible waves of a nauseating stench signal the approach of the titular roadside slasher in this American flick, a classic college-kids-on-a-weekend-getaway slaughterfest.’
    • ‘His father yelled in despair as he watched her plummet into the darkness, her scream suddenly cut off as the slasher took her.’
    • ‘It's used as an explanation by a lot of slashers.’
    • ‘The company applied for the extension of the promotion for only two months despite calls from some sections of customers to extend the bill slasher to December 2005.’
    • ‘He said this in a speech read on his behalf by Ndola mayor Zhino Latife during the Kafubu Water and Sewerage Company grand raffle draw for the bill slasher promotion at the weekend.’
  • 2

    (also slasher film, slasher movie)
    A horror movie, especially one in which victims (typically women or teenagers) are slashed with knives and razors.

    • ‘The movie was a success, and, predictably, a new influx of slasher / horror movies began.’
    • ‘This is not one of your standard teen slasher movies, although a look at the trailer might lead you to expect otherwise.’
    • ‘It's also to their credit that the many, many death scenes are continually creative, rather than just repeating the same type of kill over and over, as happens in some slasher movies.’
    • ‘I think the studios have made other kinds of horror films over the last few years, but there have been countless teen slasher movies cranked out by the independent market.’
    • ‘Do you enjoy slasher movies, or do you think they're just garbage?’
    • ‘After its success, the floodgates opened and slasher movies came out of the woodwork from every direction possible.’
    • ‘Eventually, he started introducing me to slashers.’
    • ‘The inspired premise of this nasty slasher is that notorious child molester Freddy Krueger was burnt alive by concerned parents but still lives - and kills!’
    • ‘In any case, this is one awful, stinky little slasher.’
    • ‘A totally plausible plot that never veers into the ridiculous and a lack of comic relief make this Aussie slasher disturbingly scary.’
    assailant, assaulter, aggressor, striker



/ˈslaSHər/ /ˈslæʃər/