Definition of sleep rough in English:

sleep rough


  • Sleep in uncomfortable conditions, typically out of doors.

    ‘he spent the night sleeping rough on the streets’
    • ‘After being made redundant, she slept rough for a few nights in a derelict building and was unlucky enough to be caught in a heavy frost.’
    • ‘They all slept rough the previous night and many managed to blank out the morning sniffing glue.’
    • ‘On average three people a night sleep rough in Richmond.’
    • ‘It helps the vulnerable people in our society who find themselves homeless and having to sleep rough, along with those who are isolated or are trying to rebuild their lives.’
    • ‘On the night of January 8 he was found a bed, but had to sleep rough outside the Home Office the following night.’
    • ‘As the temperature struggled to remain above zero, volunteers slept rough to raise awareness of the struggles facing the homeless on a day-to-day basis.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, between three and six hundred people sleep rough in Melbourne every night.’
    • ‘He cannot stay at grandmother's because of the condition of his licence and he is now sleeping rough.’
    • ‘It shows that almost a third of young people put themselves at risk by staying with a stranger while away from home, two out of five young people slept rough, one in eight was physically hurt and one in nine was sexually assaulted.’
    • ‘In it, they describe the circumstances in which they became homeless and visit some of the places in the district in which they have slept rough, from a cemetery in Keighley to a derelict barn.’