Definition of sleeper cell in English:

sleeper cell


  • A group of secret agents that have remained inactive for a long period.

    • ‘Even with background checks and added government screening, one of these employees could easily be a member of a terrorist sleeper cell.’
    • ‘The first major U.S. terror trial after the 9/11 attacks centered on four men said to form a Detroit sleeper cell.’
    • ‘The government has every right in the world to believe that they may very well have been a sleeper cell.’
    • ‘The government said the men formed a sleeper cell and they are too dangerous to be allowed to post bail.’
    • ‘I believe that these restrictions are not excessive given the nature of the threat that confronts us, nor do they result in ‘illusory’ security when, say, a sleeper cell is uncovered.’
    • ‘That's one sleeper cell you do not want to wake up.’
    • ‘Detroit prosecutors said at least four of the men ‘operated as a covert underground support unit’ and were also a sleeper cell.’