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sleeping bag

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  • A warm lined padded bag to sleep in, especially when camping.

    ‘Dawn broke to reveal the amazing sight of camp beds and sleeping bags almost encircling the All-England Club.’
    • ‘Inside are half a dozen camp beds strewn with sleeping bags, around the walls jerry cans and heaps of kit.’
    • ‘Instead, we sleep outside on camp beds, with sleeping bag and duvet stuffed snugly inside a canvas swag.’
    • ‘They all made themselves comfortable inside their snug and warm sleeping bags.’
    • ‘They camped in sleeping bags on the bare ground at night, cooked all their meals on a gas stove and rose before dawn to catch the low tides.’
    • ‘We're all in our sleeping bags to keep warm, our wet clothes piled up around us.’
    • ‘They sleep on flimsy mattresses and wrap themselves in parkas or sleeping bags to keep warm at night.’
    • ‘Everyone jumped into their tents, wrapped up in a warm sleeping bag and tried to settle down for the night.’
    • ‘You don't have to put them on now, but stash them at the foot of the sleeping bag so they stay warm.’
    • ‘They put the woman in a sleeping bag to keep her warm and fed her soup to give her energy.’
    • ‘We all just scrambled for an empty space to set up air mattresses or sleeping bags.’
    • ‘There he had installed his sleeping bag, his backpack with essentials, and his flute.’
    • ‘She found a small hollow, pulled out her sleeping bag, used the rucksack as a pillow and tried to get some sleep.’
    • ‘They set up camp immediately and went to their sleeping bags for the night.’
    • ‘Bring your own sleeping bag, preferably a very warm one in case you are in the garden.’
    • ‘It wasn't long before Devon and I were curled up in our sleeping bags and dad and mom on their air mattress.’
    • ‘Many soldiers went ashore without their sleeping bags, since the plan was for the bags to follow in a day.’
    • ‘Recently I saw a whole family sleeping under a picnic shelter in sleeping bags at Heritage Park.’
    • ‘We parked and minutes later, we all grabbed our sweaters and purses, and Landon and Sean took their sleeping bags.’
    • ‘One should make sure that the sleeping bag's rating is well below the expected temperatures.’


sleeping bag

/ˈslēpiNG ˌbaɡ/ /ˈslipɪŋ ˌbæɡ/