Definition of slice and dice in English:

slice and dice


  • Divide (something) into smaller parts, especially in order to analyze it more closely or in different ways.

    ‘each network has analysis teams that slice and dice the exit poll information to find a conclusion’
    • ‘But some interesting things happened when I sliced and diced the data further.’
    • ‘Once the assembled reporters and pundits had finished slicing and dicing the speech, I thought, I would have my cartoon for the night.’
    • ‘It should also be able to generate serial numbers, perform revision control, and slice and dice the captured data every which way you chose - on demand.’
    • ‘But this way of slicing and dicing the numbers seems inherently misleading.’
    • ‘Late today, Senate Democrats announced plans to slice and dice the president's budget, which is his top priority.’
    • ‘Last summer, McCormick & Co. controller Ken Kelly sliced and diced his financial statements in ways he had never before imagined.’
    • ‘The categories can be sliced and diced indefinitely, creating a dazzling array of permutations.’
    • ‘Today, data can be sliced and diced at lightening speeds and updated just as quickly.’
    • ‘You can slice and dice the news any way you like.’
    • ‘The site slices and dices crime information in a ton of different ways, complete with a wide assortment of Google Maps.’