Definition of slingshot in English:


Pronunciation /ˈsliNGˌSHät/ /ˈslɪŋˌʃɑt/


  • 1North American A forked stick, to which an elastic strap (or a pair of elastic bands connected by a small sling) is fastened to the two prongs, typically used for shooting small stones.

    catapult, slingshot
    1. 1.1A shot from a slingshot.
      ‘you'll get whizzed out the window like a slingshot’
  • 2often as modifier The effect of the gravitational pull of a celestial object in accelerating and changing the course of another object or a spacecraft.

    ‘stars passing near a black hole might be ejected by a gravitational slingshot effect’

verbslingshots, slingshotting, slingshot, slingshotted

  • Forcefully accelerate through the effect of gravity.

    no object ‘the car would hit the first dip, then slingshot off the second rise’
    with object ‘Jupiter's gravity slingshots the fragments toward Earth’
    • ‘If they could launch a manned rocket that simply slingshotted around the moon and back, they could claim that at least in some pathetic way that they beat the Americans.’
    • ‘On the final turn of the race, JJ took the high-line and slingshotted out of Turn 4.’
    • ‘If we extend the path of travel by about five thousand kilometers and continue on double light, not triple, the gravity will help slingshot us around.’
    • ‘You'll practice rigging, flying on land, launching in Pamlico Sound, and bailing out when a sudden gust slingshots you toward a pier.’
    • ‘Launch must happen by 2006 or Jupiter will no longer be in position to slingshot the craft towards Pluto with a gravity assist, and the trip to Pluto will take years longer.’
    • ‘If the second car tries to slingshot alone in this situation, he often cannot get around the first - as soon as the second swings out to race side by side, the third can catch up, tuck behind the first, and re-establish the draft line.’
    • ‘One advanced variation has the toes dragged across the floor to slingshot off the floor at the end for a very different angle of delivery, where the first variations are thrust kicks out parallel to the floor.’
    • ‘For the person in the rear, there is a vacuum effect that lets you momentarily go faster than your gearing allows, making it possible to slingshot past the person in front.’
    • ‘It wasn't the smartest move to slingshot around a black hole, although it had been done countless times before.’
    • ‘We'll accelerate until we're about half a light second from the planet, then we'll cut engines and slingshot around for another boost in speed.’



/ˈsliNGˌSHät/ /ˈslɪŋˌʃɑt/