Definition of slip road in English:

slip road


  • A road entering or leaving a motorway or dual carriageway.

    • ‘An acoustic fence will also be built between Ashfield Lane and the motorway slip road.’
    • ‘They continued their pursuit along Broadway and on to a motorway slip road.’
    • ‘The exit slip road from the eastbound carriageway into Tadcaster Road is set to be closed to traffic on a number of nights, starting at 9pm on Tuesday March 12.’
    • ‘Near the motorway slip road the bus was boarded by a swarm of off-duty cleaners and service staff, heading west away from their menial jobs towards where the cheaper housing is.’
    • ‘I crossed the roundabout, took the bridge over the motorway, looped round the second roundabout and sped down the slip road onto the motorway itself.’
    • ‘Police probing the death of a man who drove the wrong way up a motorway slip road, today said he could have been driving erratically just moments before the crash.’
    • ‘Police are appealing again for a witness who spoke to the victim of a road rage incident after he was attacked earlier this year on a motorway slip road.’
    • ‘The tragedy happened just after midnight and was witnessed by a horrified police officer who had been passing the slip road to the motorway in a patrol car.’
    • ‘In one case vulnerable residents would have to cross a motorway slip road to reach the next branch if their existing one closed.’
    • ‘The slip road on to the road was still closed this morning after two men on walking in the area found the body.’
    • ‘She claimed the gap closures had actually increased the risks, because it had been safer to nip across to the gap than to emerge on to the westbound carriageway without a slip road.’
    • ‘If you are travelling in the left hand lane, and you see cars coming down the slip road, it may not be possible to get into the middle lane, because of heavy traffic.’
    • ‘By the time they arrived the 29-year-old labourer had sped off the motorway and careered the wrong way down a dual-carriageway and slip road.’
    • ‘Mr Leeson's car had turned right from the slip road, back onto the dual carriageway, when the accident happened.’
    • ‘Also the private entrance onto the Green is used as a public highway, for a slip road when the town is impossible to get through.’
    • ‘The shooting happened on a slip road on the Southgate section of the Huddersfield ring road, opposite a sports centre, at 2.15 am on Sunday.’
    • ‘The pair collided with one another while queuing at the bottom of the slip road at junction 30, where the motorway meets the A13.’
    • ‘Beyond the slip road was a vast junction of roads where cars and trucks hurtled along totally oblivious to our presence.’
    • ‘At the last service station before the slip road I checked the tyres and watched the staff, who were all West Indian, cluster around a car containing their friends.’
    • ‘This lay-by is a ready-made slip road alongside a hedge and ditch directly bordering the southern end of the racecourse by which easy access could be made on to the racecourse.’


slip road

/ˈslɪp rəʊd/