Definition of slipstream in English:


Pronunciation /ˈslipˌstrēm/ /ˈslɪpˌstrim/

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  • 1A current of air or water driven back by a revolving propeller or jet engine.

    ‘This aircraft company was awarded a US Army contract to study vectored slipstreams and produce an aircraft that could test the concept.’
    • ‘As the power comes in, the spiraling slipstream tends to yaw the aircraft to the left, especially at low speed.’
    • ‘In Nick's case, continuously driving in a slipstream hampered the air flow to cool the engine which created an additional problem.’
    • ‘Since cooling was no problem in the slipstream of an airplane or airship, the gun could be stripped of its distinctive barrel jacket and fins.’
    • ‘Be sure to latch open the inside hatch before jettisoning the outside hatch, otherwise the suction of the slipstream would hold the inside hatch closed and you would be trapped.’
    • ‘We had to re-trim the ship and increase our throttle setting a little because of the increased drag caused by the bomb bay door hanging out in the slipstream.’
    • ‘I made a semi-carrier type of approach in a left-hand turn with my head sticking out into the slipstream.’
    • ‘When the large boxes slide out the back of a C-l7, they hit the slipstream and break up.’
    • ‘The predominant cockpit sound is of the slipstream, rather than the resonant drone of the radial engines.’
    • ‘Make sure you anticipate the left-turning tendencies of a slipstream effect and ‘P factor.’’
    • ‘They said we had been caught in a slipstream with another aircraft.’
    • ‘Since cross winds will drift the slipstream downwind, a pace line must echelon to get the benefit of drafting in a cross wind.’
    • ‘Feather vibration in the slipstream produces the remarkable throbbing known as ‘drumming’.’
    • ‘We inched out the door, the wind clawing at my legs as they emerged into the slipstream - and then it happened.’
    • ‘The end of the road had come for the SAP, which rumbled and shook violently, punctured wing panels beginning to peel away in the slipstream.’
    • ‘A slight contraction of the slipstream could also be detected by the pilot.’
    • ‘As it rocketed past over our heads, the slipstream buffeted us.’
    • ‘She was using my slipstream to save her the energy of facing the wind resistance, very tactical but it made her a sitting duck for weaponry.’
    • ‘With a sudden blur of motion a single-person craft emerged from a slipstream.’
    • ‘It looked as if the cowling had simply popped open in flight and crumpled in the slipstream.’
    steady flow, stream, backdraught, slipstream
    1. 1.1The partial vacuum created in the wake of a moving vehicle, often used by other vehicles in a race to assist in passing.
      ‘You swing out of a slipstream, overtaking a cyclist, and your helmet starts vibrating with the G-force - one false move and you will be picking gravel out of your teeth for weeks.’
      • ‘Each rider takes a brief turn at the front, then falls back into the slipstream, where he will expend 30 percent less energy.’
      • ‘Most every time you ride another racer's slipstream, you'll easily overtake their position long before the meter fills.’
      • ‘There are no coddling slipstreams, no coasting strategies, no tactical slowdowns.’
      • ‘Bruseghin went for a very long sprint, gritting his teeth uphill, but in the last 100m, the all-white Di Luca just came out of his slipstream and edged past.’
      • ‘I tried to pull over to the side a few times to get out of his slipstream but it still wasn't enough.’
      • ‘With drafting - sitting in the slipstream of the bike in front - being a legal part of the cycling leg at elite level, many top races become something of a procession with the places being sorted out on the run.’
      • ‘After a turbulent start in which we lost several places, and got trapped behind some slower cars, Giancarlo moved up smoothly in his usual manner to leave one competitor after another in his slipstream.’
      • ‘Just before the finish, the trailing rider pulls out of the slipstream, and using their fresher legs may be able to overtake their opponent just before the line.’
      • ‘McEwen, whose only other stage victory came on the Champs Elysees in 1999, pulled out of the slipstream of his leading contenders in the final metres in Reims.’
      • ‘Hushovd, in with a shout of taking the yellow jersey after his fifth place in Saturday's prologue time-trial, led the sprint out but he had Kirsipuu in his slipstream.’
      • ‘I push the gas pedal up into its recess, the heel of my shoe against the carpet, and the car squeals forward with an accelerated slipstream.’
      • ‘When I went into turn 13 I was just having an oversteering car pitching very much and obviously Michael had a clear run and caught my slipstream.’
      • ‘I sat there in the slipstream grinning the grin of a man who's spent 20 years motoring and was now doing something so much more exciting.’
      • ‘Probably best to stick with full-on races, though, because of the extra speed you get from riding in the slipstream of other racers.’
      • ‘By mid distance, Carroll was right with Rossiter and shot out of his slipstream at Church corner in a brave move.’
      • ‘Pereiro took advantage coming out of his slipstream for the victory.’
      • ‘Unfortunately on the restart, I had a lot of wheelspin which allowed Michael to take the slipstream and get past.’
      • ‘Follow the rider in front of you so you're still in his slipstream after the corner.’
      • ‘Riding in the slipstream of another competitor is not allowed.’
      • ‘A small meter will appear above the opposing racer and the longer you stay in his slipstream, the more the meter will fill.’
      • ‘You'll be touching 185 mph in seventh and, if you time it right, you can pop out of the slipstream of the guy in front and nip inside.’
      • ‘You will also feel very well protected with the hood down as a low driving position and high sides combine with a raked windscreen to send the slipstream and insects up and over your head.’
      backwash, wash, slipstream, turbulence
  • 2An assisting force regarded as drawing something along behind something else.

    ‘when the U.S. economy booms, the rest of the world is pulled along in the slipstream’
    • ‘It was Ally that we really wanted to punch, but poor old Bridget just got sucked along in Ally's slipstream.’
    • ‘I was walking behind a woman in the slipstream of her scent and I must admit it was wonderful; I would have followed her to the ends of the earth, but we got to my office building first!’
    • ‘The ‘Death of God’ might have arrived on the wings of relativism, which glided in on the slipstream of Western rationalism.’
    • ‘Nine minutes later, and the jet propulsion of Samuel allowed him to leave red shirts in his slipstream to fasten on to a Henry through ball.’
    • ‘The end instrumental ‘Centre of Gravity’ is a worthy corker too, layered drone like synths that make you want to lie back close your eyes and drift away in their slipstream of cathedralesque abandonment.’
    • ‘Zurich's version has the misfortune of arriving on the scene in the slipstream, just as of one of the recording industry's greatest DVD masterpieces has majestically roared past.’
    • ‘Approaching the end of the channel, we found that the German couple who had pushed on ahead had encountered a more vigorous current and were clinging to the reef, their bodies extended like banners in the slipstream.’
    • ‘The band hail from Slade in County Wexford and their sound is noted for its warmth of production, the harmony of acoustic guitar and the quietly funky, perfectly timed slipstreams of electronica.’
    • ‘It was then that Beryl Bartholomew came running out of the vicarage's gravelled drive, her long and flimsy nightie flowing in her slipstream, her bare feet seemingly oblivious to the harsh ground underfoot.’
    • ‘That is, regardless if the guests come bearing news from the world outside or if they come as poems, interruptions flowing from a slipstream from within, asking for the world to stop.’
    • ‘The question has come up more than once in the slipstream of the surge of media reports on labor unrest in Guangdong.’
    • ‘A crowded street will self-organise into lanes with individuals inadvertently falling into the slipstream of others.’
    • ‘In the slipstream of the United States, Germany grew to become the second biggest export nation in the world.’
    • ‘Labor announces another policy that again gets caught in the slipstream of international turmoil.’
    • ‘In 1997 the Irish punt rose in the slipstream of the British pound to its upper limits against all other currencies.’
    • ‘He turned and was gone, cloak swirling briefly in his slipstream.’
    • ‘Beckett shows what it is like to be aware in a single moment, rather than drifting in the slipstream of culturally mediated discursive patterns of thought.’
    • ‘She chose to walk an extraordinary path, leading a whole slipstream of women to a fresh way of thinking, of being.’
    • ‘Those involved haven't the perspective or the judgement to realise that a moment's loss of control can end in death, as it did, in the street outside Anabel's and break the hearts of everyone caught in the slipstream.’
    • ‘Ballymote now know how most of Sligo's Intermediate clubs felt when cringing in their classy slipstream throughout 2003.’

intransitive verb

[no object]
  • (especially in auto racing) follow closely behind another vehicle, travelling in its slipstream and awaiting an opportunity to pass.

    ‘he then slipstreamed and overtook me again’
    • ‘she had a rocky route through the rest of adolescence while I slipstreamed smoothly behind’
    • ‘I planned to slipstream him in the last lap’