Definition of slivovitz in English:



  • A type of plum brandy made chiefly in eastern Europe.

    ‘Making matters worse, our grubby table is littered with empty bottles of a violent homemade slivovitz, or plum brandy, which we should have avoided last night but didn't.’
    • ‘They also made their own slivovitz - plum brandy.’
    • ‘She remembers people laughing and drinking slivovitz plum brandy.’
    • ‘Homemade brandy, known as rakija in the former Yugoslavia but exported to the United States as slivovitz (plum brandy) or loza (grape brandy or grapa), is the liquor of choice for men on most occasions.’
    • ‘Here, swallow this for the headache - and have a glass of whisky - or do you prefer vodka or slivovitz?’
    • ‘Yugoslavia was also drunk then; on slivovitz and nationalism.’
    • ‘The rest of his day will consist of more counseling, punctuated by glasses of slivovitz to drink and little cakes to eat.’
    • ‘And it is hard to imagine big players like the Poles not wanting to showcase Warsaw or Krakow and ply visiting hacks with free slivovitz and customised briefcases.’



/ˈslivəˌvits/ /ˈslɪvəˌvɪts/


Croatian šljivovica, from šljiva ‘plum’.