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  • Having attractive dark, typically almond-shaped eyes.

    ‘a dark-haired and sloe-eyed beauty’
    • ‘A smiling girl sits holding hands with a child-sized, but rather experienced-looking, sloe-eyed woman doll.’
    • ‘A sloe-eyed seductress of uncertain age, flies in monthly to brave the sub-zero frigidity of Edmonton in the off-festival season.’
    • ‘There must be routs and balls beneath sparkling chandeliers, where young gallants whirl sloe-eyed, bare-shouldered girls in the schottische and the carmagnole.’
    • ‘Of course, the whole rational self-interest idea breaks down with suicide bombers - unless they believe the sloe-eyed virgin baloney.’
    • ‘Along the way, the actress gained a reputation for qualities brash and enviable, as well as easily mocked: She was the sloe-eyed hipster, the vintage-clad vamp, the film snob.’
    • ‘Seeming a lonely remnant of his dying breed, Brown's sloe-eyed, densely painted Buffalo in Golden Gate Park stands gazing blankly at the viewer beneath a solitary windblown pine.’
    • ‘The proprietor, a sloe-eyed mestizo named Julio, set them up with local nut liqueurs and moonshine pinga.’
    • ‘Decked out in a Napoleonic hat embellished with creepy tentacles, the giraffe-necked figure has a sloe-eyed green lizard draped around his high collar.’
    • ‘Most prominent is Kevin, the sloe-eyed, dull-witted actor.’
    • ‘The Hungarian beauty could not exactly be described as an actress, but she had decorated numerous films with her sloe-eyed indifference.’
    • ‘First you're another sloe-eyed vamp, then someone's mother, then you're camp.’
    • ‘On the trip he was medicated, so he kind of just stared at me sloe-eyed fighting sleep, and now he is beyond fine and well into wonderful.’
    • ‘Tina was leaning out of an open doorway, giving him a sloe-eyed bedroom look that was painfully familiar.’



/ˈslōˌīd/ /ˈsloʊˌaɪd/