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  • 1A one-masted sailboat with a fore-and-aft mainsail and a jib.

    ‘I like storms even though one tried to kill me a few years ago, late at night on a 36-foot sloop with its full mainsail still stupidly up, twenty miles from the nearest shore of Lake Superior.’
    • ‘A procession of big cruising sloops was entering the marina, and I suddenly realized that their skippers intended to dock under sail.’
    • ‘For most coastal cruising conditions the sloop would be the preferred rig on this size boat but, perhaps for aesthetic reasons, most were rigged with the double headsail arrangement.’
    • ‘In right field some 50 boats - sloops to kayaks - idled in the cove, swimmers hopeful of retrieving any home run ball hit into the drink.’
    • ‘Fortunately, the skipper has both dogs, as well as kids and crew, in life jackets aboard the family sloop Off Call.’
    • ‘Two sloops next to each other might have to move one boat bow in and the other stern in, for example.’
    • ‘The sloop's rudder had dislodged, leaving a gaping hole below the waterline that could not be closed.’
    • ‘In tugs and sloops and rowboats, citizen watchdog groups have launched a campaign to protect America's waterways.’
    • ‘When you round Cove Point, the sun, like a low red host, has migrated west of the church steeple over the anchorage of sloops and ketches into what will soon be night past the carcass of a skiff almost hidden in the weeds.’
    • ‘In addition, the wind is often light and, when it blows, amazingly fluky - I can remember sailing almost completely around one of the San Juans without touching our sloop's sheets.’
    • ‘A small sloop approaches the shore ferrying a group of passengers from Gloucester.’
    • ‘Matt followed Katherine's lead and moved out onto the tiny foredeck of the sloop.’
    • ‘Not that there was any shortage of new sailing craft on display - mostly glittering sloops with racing pedigrees as long as your arm.’
    • ‘Of the forty vessels registered in that year, thirty-seven were described as lighters, one as a boat and two as sloops.’
    • ‘The harbor is filled every day with all manner of sleek vessels - from 10-foot kayaks, to 30-foot sloops, to oceangoing cargo ships that stretch almost 1,000 feet from stem to stern.’
    • ‘Johnson is a tacky tuna boat owner who buys the sloop out from under Ross, but then offers him a chance to ‘buy it back’ by indenturing him to captain his fishing fleet.’
    • ‘Along the edges of the convoys sailed a variety of ships: graceful sloops, chunky corvettes, slim gunboats like the Dutch Soemba, antisubmarine patrol craft, fast PT boats, and everywhere sleek destroyers.’
    • ‘The naturally perfect horseshoe-shaped harbor is filled with mega cruise ships, sailing yachts, sloops, ferryboats, and fishing craft.’
    • ‘Forget all the sailing ships, the sloops, brigs, schooners and luggers lost here, and concentrate on the steamships.’
    • ‘When he stood, he glanced out the window and was able to see just the top of the mast of the anchored sloop.’
    1. 1.1 historical A small square-rigged sailing warship with two or three masts.
      ‘Stark paused for a moment to look out on the British sloops and transport ships in the harbor, then ran across the ridgeline of Breed's Hill toward his troops, two hundred New Hampshire militiamen.’
      • ‘Again, that's great stuff for kids - it's pirates, it's pistols, it's cutlasses, it's galleons and sloops and swords.’
      • ‘The colony of Victoria, also concerned with its security, acquired the steam sloop Victoria in 1855.’
      • ‘In July 1798, Stephen Decatur, on the sloop Delaware, captured the French schooner Croyable off New Jersey.’
      • ‘A collection of tattered men o'war and patched sloops is firing directly over the decks of the old admiral's flagship and into the area of HMS Brown.’
      • ‘Shots were fired from behind and an all out sea battle began, the sloop versus three heavily armed galleons.’
    2. 1.2 historical A small antisubmarine warship used for convoy escort in World War II.
      ‘Before the war, the Admiralty had developed a sloop design for convoy escort work.’
      • ‘During WWII, while in command of the sloop HMAS Yarra, he and his ship's company put up a valiant fight to protect an Allied convoy from Japanese attack in the Java Sea.’
      • ‘Whimbrel - now ENS Tariq - retains many of the features which helped her and the rest of the Black Swan class of sloops defeat the German U-boats in one of the crucial campaigns of World War II.’
      • ‘He returned to Australia in 1941 and was appointed in command of the sloop HMAS Yarra in January 1942.’
      • ‘In fact, Australia lost just two ships in that campaign - the light cruiser Perth and the small sloop Yarra.’
      • ‘From May 1941 to February 1943 Parker was in HMS Fareham, a sloop operating off the coast of Cyraniaca in support of the Eighth Army in the Western Desert.’



/slo͞op/ /slup/


Early 17th century from Dutch sloep(e), of unknown origin.