Definition of slopestyle in English:



  • A type of freestyle snowboarding or skiing contest which involves performing a variety of acrobatic maneuvers while negotiating a sloping course featuring rails for sliding and ramps for jumping.

    ‘she's also planning to compete in slopestyle, a new event at the Winter Olympics’
    • ‘the US Grand Prix slopestyle finals’
    • ‘Earlier in the day she won her third straight gold medal in skier slopestyle.’
    • ‘Skiers and snowboarders will compete in the Big Air, Halfpipe, Slopestyle, Skier X and Boarder X events.’
    • ‘Eleven months later, he capped his victory by demolishing the field in a traveling series that includes halfpipe, slopestyle, and big-air events.’
    • ‘It's not hyperbole to say that magic moment played a huge role in pushing the International Olympic Committee to add slopestyle and a few other "action sport" events to the program starting in 2014.’
    • ‘She finished ninth in the women's Slopestyle competition last year, the same one she was injured in yesterday.’
    • ‘This season, all of the medalists plan to do more slopestyle events, which may open the door for up-and-coming halfpipe riders.’
    • ‘With the Olympics wrapped up, she plans to extend her range beyond the halfpipe, entering more quarterpipe contests and slopestyle events.’
    • ‘Even though it wasn't her best event, it was her prodding that played a big role in bringing women's slopestyle to the program in 2009.’
    • ‘Returning to slopestyle while he pushes his halfpipe routine forward is a return to the way things used to be for him — before the Olympics turned halfpipe into his priority.’



/ˈslōpˌstīl/ /ˈsloʊpˌstaɪl/