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  • 1Lack of care and organization; excessive casualness.

    ‘the task is to expose intellectual sloppiness and fraud’
    • ‘don't let deadlines be an excuse for sloppiness’
    • ‘The lack of essential documentation at the end of the book certainly doesn't imply any sloppiness in the main text.’
    • ‘I can't ever recall a major motion picture exhibiting such sloppiness.’
    • ‘The only serious flaw is an irritating degree of sloppiness with plot details in the final scenes.’
    • ‘The clean-shaven trend may be due to the fact that many people tend to correlate an unshaven face with sloppiness.’
    • ‘The commission is attempting to crack down on fiscal sloppiness, which it argues undermines confidence in the euro.’
    • ‘I think it's probably more to do with sloppiness than the fact they were actually trying to pervert the course of justice.’
    • ‘Whatever my failings, sloppiness of thought is not one of them.’
    • ‘This kind of sloppiness is, unfortunately, characteristic of the entire book.’
    • ‘Free publication must never become synonymous with sloppiness.’
    • ‘In between the sorts who commit the 'benign' and 'malign' forms of plagiarism are those who do it somewhat by accident or out of sloppiness.’
  • 2The quality of clothing being casual and loose-fitting.

    ‘Joseph joined them, apologizing for the sloppiness of his attire’
    • ‘Chileans are generally not attracted to the casualness and, what some consider to be sloppiness, of dress in the United States.’
    • ‘It doesn't have to be Armani, but there is no excuse for sloppiness.’
    • ‘Always remember that there's no room for sloppiness—make sure you dress to suit the image of a successful professional.’
    • ‘Good soldiers detest casual sloppiness—buttons are meant to be buttoned, and when they are not, it offends the good soldier's sense of 'natural order'.’
    • ‘Early in the marriage, his wife had criticized his sloppiness in dress, the way he sat on people's sofas, his dinner manners, and his tendency to use "dirty" words.’
    • ‘I apologize for the relative sloppiness, though I might disagree with your point about cheap shirts and cheap tailoring.’
    • ‘Conspicuous sloppiness is considered a proof of superior intellectual skill and correct ideological convictions.’
    • ‘Jack's sloppiness was seen as symbolic of his disorderliness.’
    • ‘Do not mistake simplicity in dress with sloppiness and unkemptness.’
    • ‘The sloppiness of clothes held together by means of safety pins and cellophane tape is always out.’
  • 3The state of containing too much liquid; wateriness.

    ‘the sloppiness of a lobster roll’
    • ‘If you'd like to contain the sloppiness, serve on whole-grain sandwich thins instead of bulky hamburger buns.’
    • ‘Little bits of barbecue had escaped their white-bread trappings, and scattered here and there were errant bits of coleslaw, but I could forgive a little sloppiness.’
    • ‘This new process makes the handling of the cream much simpler and gets rids of a great deal of the sloppiness.’
    • ‘Anyone that has seen the filthy sloppiness of beer heads as often as I have in my work, would not call a beer joint "clean"!’
    • ‘Bar soap is discouraged, not only because of the inherent sloppiness of the soap dish, but also because some organisms survive on the soap surface.’
    • ‘A convenient measure of the sloppiness of a tailings product can be made using the Atterberg Liquid Limit Apparatus.’
    • ‘Water is added to the manure in the box to bring it to the desired degree of sloppiness.’
    • ‘There is ready absorption of water into the surface during wet weather, with consequent loss of stability and sloppiness of the surface.’
    • ‘Conventional lubricants cannot be used because they freeze solid, and thermal contraction can introduce sloppiness.’
    • ‘Self-sealing devices on the filling spouts eliminate sloppiness.’
  • 4 informal Weak or foolish sentimentality.

    • ‘scenes without over-dramatization or sentimental sloppiness’
    • ‘If you think I'm down on sentiment, it's because I hate sloppiness.’
    • ‘Just pure sloppiness and sentimental tosh!’
    • ‘Sloppiness, sentiment, and gush—the three distinguishing traits of so many modern novels—are absent.’
    • ‘She is floated on a sea of sentimental sloppiness, a continuous gush about her frankness and freshness.’
    • ‘He called gospel hymns "a slough of sentimental music-hall sloppiness," but their "almost irresistible. .. visceral appeal" insinuated itself into many worship services.’
    • ‘The last few stanzas plumb depths of sloppiness and sentimentality to which the poet nowhere else in all his mature writing descended.’
    • ‘Genuine love must combine tenderness and a certain firmness—otherwise, it will lose its inner soundness and resilience, and turn into sterile sloppiness and mawkishness.’
    • ‘Some of the maudlin rubbish in the popular songs of the day still survive to add their melancholic sloppiness to the supply produced today, which is more than sufficient.’
    • ‘The ladies are rather sentimental in their ideas, and it needed all the firmness of Miss Watkyns to prevent a wave of sloppiness passing over the Society.’
    • ‘I told her in so many words that all this friendship of yours is nothing but a mutual pouring forth of sloppiness.’



/ˈsläpēnəs/ /ˈslɑpinəs/