Definition of sloppy seconds in English:

sloppy seconds

Pronunciation /ˌslɒpɪ ˈsɛk(ə)ndz/


informal, derogatory, offensive
  • 1Something regarded as inferior to something else; second choice or position. In later use usually: something which has been previously used or rejected by another person; a cast-off.

    Apparently used variously with allusion to either "second" or "second".

  • 2The action or fact of being the second man in a sequence of two (or more) men to have sexual intercourse with the same partner; an act of sexual intercourse of this type, viewed as having less status or appeal than the first act; (also) either of the people involved in such an act of intercourse. Potentially offensive.

    With reference to the notion of the first man's semen being present in the passive partner.

  • 3Involvement in a sexual or romantic relationship with a person who is regarded as another's cast-off; (also) someone else's former sexual or romantic partner, viewed as discarded or unwanted.


1950s; earliest use found in Berkshire (Pittsfield, Massachusetts) Evening Eagle. From sloppy + the plural of second.