Definition of sloshy in English:


adjectiveadjective sloshier, adjective sloshiest

  • 1Wet and sticky; slushy.

    ‘the hoofprints are sloshy depressions’
    • ‘The third section is across a muddy paddock, and with the West Coast's usual rainfall a muddy paddock can be extremely sloshy and provides a tough assignment for the crawlers.’
    • ‘If the pictures are a wee crooked and sloshy, well, then that would be accurate, now wouldn't it?’
    • ‘The snow has continued today as well, making streets sloshy and sidewalks icy and impossible to walk on.’
    • ‘Instead of being creamy with chewy bits, it was just sloshy with pieces of fruit floating in it.’
    • ‘Wind can have a huge impact on what the player hears, and wet, sloshy conditions completely change the sound of the strike.’
    • ‘Wellies are essential for really sloshy conditions, or for calf-high paddling efforts, but they are nothing like as comfortable as a proper pair of modern country boots.’
    • ‘The whole shebang instantly became one big, sloshy mess.’
    • ‘He feels his adrenaline rounding into a kind of sloshy, Elysian joy.’
    • ‘It was wretched stuff, all cold and sloshy against the roof of his mouth.’
    • ‘I don't know if it's been raining heavily in Manchester, but the pitch really does look slow, borderline sloshy even.’
  • 2 informal Excessively sentimental; sloppy.

    • ‘the program is a sloshy and patronizing affair’
    mawkish, over-sentimental, overemotional, cloying, sickly, saccharine, sugary, sugar-coated, syrupy



/ˈsläSHē/ /ˈslɑʃi/