Definition of slot car in English:

slot car


North American
  • An electrically driven miniature race car that travels in a slot in a track.

    ‘Whenever I came across those grooves, the bike took on a mind of its own and tried to follow along the grooves like a toy car on a slot car racing track.’
    • ‘At opening day, we stood in line for race drivers' autographs, role-played as racers on a slot car track, ogled cars and saw oversized posters of drivers past and present.’
    • ‘The slot car track was replaced by a silk flower shop.’
    • ‘My final summer there I worked at the slot car track doing everything from repairing model cars to making ice cream sundaes.’
    • ‘Though not technically in the Tech Showcase, the toy company had a slot car track set up in the lobby.’
    • ‘The 8 tracks are varied in environment and road hazards, and the videogame does allow you to have tracks and obstacles you can't have with a real slot car set.’
    • ‘The slot car racing community can't design a decent website for toffee, but the website is pretty amazing.’
    • ‘In simplified terms, the wheel motor is a large electric motor, like the ones you might find on a slot car.’
    • ‘Sleeping bags, a slot car race set, a wool sweater, a baseball mitt and - the perfect gift - a crisp, hot-off-press five or ten dollar bill are all gifts boys like.’
    • ‘Robert, 36, and Jon, 32, from West Swindon, run a slot car mail order company.’
    • ‘Fresh management has done wonders at the company behind the famous toy trains and the slot car systems.’
    • ‘With the pit-wall technicians, it is more and more like electric slot car racing every day.’
    • ‘I also like hiking, slot car racing, paint-balling and video games.’
    • ‘But in its attempt to remain true to real slot car racing it fails.’
    • ‘Everyone raced home to play on their video games or slot car set depending on how lucky they were!’
    • ‘We wanted to reproduce the kind of magic you experienced with slot car building kits.’
    • ‘While Peter's sights are firmly set on having a crack at the world record, he is having a ball learning and sharing his knowledge of slot car racing with his mates.’
    • ‘You'll remember slot cars: the black plastic track with a channel for each lane; the little plastic cars whose contact shoes required constant cleaning (the ‘pit stops’ with pink eraser in hand); the speed controls shaped like gun grips.’
    • ‘You could race slot cars through my arteries, they were so clear.’
    • ‘Moving up to slot cars, that was cooler, but the cars were confined to a track, going around in circles.’
    • ‘Today's annual numbers from the maker of model trains and slot cars highlight the considerable investment merits of the company.’


slot car

/ˈslät ˌkär/ /ˈslɑt ˌkɑr/