Definition of slothfulness in English:



See slothful

‘The opposition politician said he does not support laziness, slothfulness, or unnecessary bureaucracy, and where that is the case, something must be done about it.’
  • ‘For a sloth like me, forced to spend time among people who have a powerful work ethic, my encounter with Jamaica was a huge relief, for on that island slothfulness is no sin or vice, it is a virtue, and a highly valued one at that.’
  • ‘The history tells us that once political mobilisations take center stage, wanton crime, ill-discipline and slothfulness suddenly disappear.’
  • ‘Editing a newspaper, the duties of parenthood, workaday journalism for this and other publications, and a moderate degree of slothfulness have got in the way.’
  • ‘I was charmed by the honesty of those who admitted slothfulness.’



/ˈsläTHfəlnəs/ /ˈslɑθfəlnəs/