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slouch hat

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  • A hat with a wide flexible brim.

    ‘The Gurkhas were riflemen and wore the characteristic green jackets with the Kilmarnock cap which was replaced for active service by the familiar slouch hat in 1901.’
    • ‘As I talked about the Cape buffalo, he listened for a bit, then plopped his slouch hat on his head and said, ‘Right, let's go.’’
    • ‘In a southern city, in the 1880s the Theodore Thomas Orchestra played in a theater where a farmer in a slouch hat occupied a box of solitary splendor.’
    • ‘The slouch hat naturally represents the Australian digger.’
    • ‘He took off his slouch hat and mussed his dark hair.’
    • ‘Or, as good Aussies, we could fly the flag at half mast while we hold our precious slouch hat to our chest and hang our heads in shame at letting this government sell us out.’
    • ‘When asked what artefact in his office he treasured the most, he immediately reached for his slouch hat and said, ‘This is it’.’
    • ‘Garnett put his slouch hat on the green grass that substituted for her floor, sat a little straighter, and laced his bony fingers.’
    • ‘The hot item for trading is the slouch hat which he sold for $US170.’
    • ‘Few photographs of the Captain exist but the one Cedella still has shows a sharp-faced man in a slouch hat sitting astride a horse and looking into the distance.’
    • ‘Both the trappers looked at one another, one fiddling with his slouch hat so it hid his features, the other nodding, nodding, nodding.’
    • ‘Jackson wore a slouch hat with a single turkey feather stuck in the band.’
    • ‘Jesse had wanted to become a soldier or fireman so the Army sent a Land Rover to his birthday party last year and gave him a slouch hat.’
    • ‘A slouch hat sat on the end in front of a red pillow, which bore an array of medals.’
    • ‘His slightly bowed head, covered in the cavalry slouch hat, is balanced by the alert pose of his mount.’
    • ‘In his pirate boots, doublet, cape, slouch hat, and Van Dyke beard he's a Petruchio's Petruchio, so virile he looks ready to burst his tights.’
    • ‘The traditional Australian army slouch hat with emu plumes, worn instead of helmets, has also proved to be a huge hit with the locals.’
    • ‘The Army's iconic slouch hat has won rave reviews from the people of As Samawah following its debut in the local market.’
    • ‘Trench coats, slouch hats and Tommy guns were dusted off and called into service again, at least until new cues could be established.’
    • ‘Inside, the Emperor and his family slept while several soldiers dressed in forest green uniforms, forest green slouch hats, and armed with single shot rifles, stood guard in virtually every corridor of the practically silent building.’


slouch hat

/ˈslouCH ˌhat/ /ˈslaʊtʃ ˌhæt/