Definition of slouchy in English:


adjectiveadjective slouchier, adjective slouchiest

  • 1(of an item of clothing) soft and relatively unstructured; not tight-fitting or rigid in shape.

    ‘slouchy black suede boots’
    • ‘slouchy cashmere socks’
    • ‘She shows us ponchos have a grungy side by teaming this slouchy slashed top with pink cords.’
    • ‘But she is also seen in riding boots and jeans, but of the smart variety rather than slouchy ones preferred by Prince Harry.’
    • ‘Love the funky silver leather jacket and the slouchy casual dress.’
    • ‘Trousers were either tapered or, somewhat more flatteringly, slouchy.’
    • ‘I'm crazy for the slouchy, midcalf, flat boot with a ton of side buckles, another huge footwear trend.’
    • ‘Conversely, or so it seems to me, the more slouchy your underwear, the more casual your attitude.’
    • ‘She stands about six feet tall, dressed in a black leotard with running shoes and a slouchy black duffle bag slumped at her feet.’
    • ‘Trousers are wide-legged and slouchy, perfect for balancing out hips.’
    • ‘Give it up for a gutsy pair of slouchy, droopy midcalf boots that ask to hold a drapey pair of pants.’
    • ‘After a summer of slouchy boho, flowing fabrics and flouncy layers, it's time to get into something less comfortable.’
    • ‘And if the day turns a bit chilly, it's simple just to layer up by wearing a slinky vest underneath, and trousers with a slouchy belt.’
    • ‘While all the other girls' clothes were cute and baggy and slouchy, my pencil skirt and tweed vest fit tight across my hips and butt.’
    • ‘I especially adore these slouchy platform boots.’
    • ‘Parkas slung over slouchy knits and velvet skirts - the more contrasting textures you put together the better it looks.’
    • ‘I adore the first picture, where the dull black slouchy outfit is brought to life with the simple addition of wool turtleneck and sleeves.’
    • ‘It had to be tightened before every zip as it was riding low on my hips, slipping off my shoulders and being slouchy on my thighs and chest.’
    • ‘There were bandannas, big hair, tight jeans, slouchy tops and even a skinny tie.’
    • ‘In fact, the slouchier, more relaxed cuts are clearly catching on.’
    • ‘Karan paraded familiar slouchy knits over minis, sequin T-shirt dresses, kicky ruffled miniskirts and black-and-cream tweed miniskirted suits.’
    • ‘Also starring in the campaign is the "Knight" bag - a studded, slouchy leather tote that is due to be in stores in early August.’
    baggy, loose-fitting, easy-fitting, generously cut, slack, roomy, boyfriend
  • 2Characterized by a lazy, drooping posture.

    ‘I followed three slouchy teenagers through the door’
    • ‘He seems to have never progressed beyond the slouchy habits of a wayward teenager.’
    • ‘Mr. Albert led the slouchy, disinterested crowd in a round of applause for Holly.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, slouchy, insecure Brigitte starts feeling complex emotions.’
    • ‘The kids are a nightmare: lippy, slouchy, easily distracted.’
    • ‘We can decide to straighten up at any time, but as soon as we start thinking about something else, our body adopts its usual slouchy mode.’
    • ‘When I get lazy or tired, I get slouchy.’
    • ‘"Americans are so laid back and slouchy," says the Southern California teen.’
    • ‘He had new and good clothes on, and was handsome and had a winning face and a pleasant voice, and was easy and graceful and unembarrassed, not slouchy and awkward and diffident, like other boys.’
    • ‘In the end, I had to forgo the dream of ivy-covered buildings and slouchy young men on a first-name basis with Kierkegaard.’
    • ‘The high-fashion photography spreads see regal settings juxtaposed with beautiful but edgy couture-inspired clothing modelled by slouchy teenagers in brightly coloured stockings and sneakers.’
    • ‘Am relieved to get back to office and resume slouchy work-desk posture.’
    • ‘They're twitchy, slouchy, and angry-looking.’
    • ‘The way she clasped the stalks, her slouchy but upright posture, even her incessant munching were all banal facts of her life that instantly became bewitching to me.’
    • ‘Last year, he created a unique persona for his role as one of the guests, complete with a slouchy hips-forward posture that he was able to maintain during the scene's formal dances.’
    • ‘The platinum-blonde chameleon - who morphed from a slouchy beatnik to a feminine sophisticate in a shimmering top and strappy heels during the course of an evening - rounded out her single-encore set with a series of piano ballads and acoustic numbers.’
    • ‘I'm a slouchy mope with the energy of a hungover sloth who's just completed the Sao Paulo marathon.’



/ˈslouCHē/ /ˈslaʊtʃi/