Definition of slow-scan in English:



  • Scanning at a much slower rate than usual, so that the resulting signal has a much smaller bandwidth.

    ‘a slow-scan transmission’
    • ‘When assembled with the appropriate detector, optics, and slow-scan mechanism, the polygonal scanner forms a useful data acquisition device in applications like web inspection or fluorescence microscopy.’
    • ‘Along the slow-scan axis the average particle movement was 9 14 nm downward in up-then-down scans and 7 11 upward in down-then-up scans.’
    • ‘These included chat software, Webcams, slow-scan television, and the early videoconferencing attempts.’
    • ‘The blue and pink do merge to form clear purple images in some instances, but basically it acts like a slow-scan poorly composited video.’
    • ‘In the future, it hopes to fly a slow-scan television system on the International Space Station.’



/ˈslōˌskan/ /ˈsloʊˌskæn/