Definition of slow-twitch in English:



  • (of a muscle fiber) contracting slowly, providing endurance rather than strength.

    ‘people with more slow-twitch fibers have more sustained aerobic capacity’
    • ‘Mechanical efficiency depends upon the extent to which the swimmer can recruit slow-twitch muscle fibres, which are more efficient at converting chemical energy into muscle contraction than are fast-twitch fibres.’
    • ‘Athletes know that building slow-twitch muscle comes from endurance training and regular exercise.’
    • ‘In these cases, the myosin in the FT fibres became more like that in the slow-twitch fibres.’
    • ‘In it, I incorporate a mix of low and high reps to stimulate both slow-twitch and fast-twitch muscle fibers and to build strength.’
    • ‘Mammalian muscle fibers can be divided into fast-twitch and slow-twitch categories which are determined by the nature of their contractile proteins.’



/ˈslōˌtwiCH/ /ˈsloʊˌtwɪtʃ/