Definition of slow burn in English:

slow burn

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  • A state of slowly mounting anger or annoyance.

    • ‘the medical community's shrugging acceptance is fueling a slow burn among women’
    • ‘When I reach retirement age, and there isn't anything left, no doubt I'll look back on those buses with a slow burn of annoyance, as I fry up a can of cat food.’
    • ‘He slunk back a few inches, then remembered Gail, with a slow burn of anger that swept through his soul and demanded vengeance.’
    • ‘Instead of the choppy war scenes that escalate the tension towards the end of the play, there is a slow burn, Macbeth waiting ominously on stage throughout as his world spins and collapses around him.’
    • ‘I've begun a slow burn on this issue: I think schools are getting way too excited about technology.’
    • ‘You know, it could be one of those insignificant cases that he's prosecuted in the past, where, you know, somebody does a slow burn.’
    • ‘I'm with New Kid in having nothing to say other than a slow burn.’
    • ‘Some news stories hit you straight away - others have a slow burn.’
    • ‘Yesterday, sources close to the task force said investigators did a slow burn after Ridgway told them the letter was from him.’
    • ‘The attacker was a older looking male with eyes that seemed to be as empty as he felt, the darkness that she felt ate away at her mind like a slow burn.’
    • ‘The fact is, indemnity or hold-harmless clauses can make consumers do a slow burn when accidents occur.’