Definition of slow but sure in English:

slow but sure


(also slow and sure)
  • Slow and gradual but achieving the required result eventually.

    ‘development on the project has been slow but sure’
    • ‘a slow but sure increase in the price of gold’
    • ‘He was slow but sure, and he always got there in the end.’
    • ‘I chose a stately breaststroke, slow but sure, that meant I could keep an eye on our target.’
    • ‘It's a project that's been in the works for 2 years, going slow but sure.’
    • ‘Brian took the animal home and the recovery has been slow but sure.’
    • ‘So now - we'll get there slow but sure.’
    • ‘This drug started to run its course slow but sure.’
    • ‘People, slow but sure, are becoming more and more tolerable of different faiths, cultures, and races.’
    • ‘Improvement had been slow but sure, although she was still vomiting and having bad nightmares regularly.’
    • ‘Hearing nothing they continued on, their steps slow and sure, not making a sound.’
    • ‘Trying to keep the bike as still as possible, he kicked off and despite Isabel's woozy protestations, they made it to her dorm with slow but sure progress.’