Definition of slow virus in English:

slow virus


  • A virus or virus-like organism that multiplies slowly in the host organism and has a long incubation period.

    ‘Modern epidemics of Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE, Mad Cow's disease) are attributed to the slow virus contamination of human brain tissue by using animal cultures in grafts and drug products.’
    • ‘‘Maybe it's like the turtle and the hare,’ he says, and the slow virus will eventually win.’
    • ‘Eventually, they identify kuru as a brain-affecting slow virus.’
    • ‘These diseases in the recent past were called slow virus diseases.’
    • ‘They have been called slow virus diseases but are now known not to be caused by viruses.’


slow virus

/slō ˈvīrəs/ /sloʊ ˈvaɪrəs/