Definition of slowly but surely in English:

slowly but surely

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  • Achieving the desired results gradually and reliably rather than quickly and spectacularly.

    ‘the new church began, slowly but surely, to grow’
    • ‘I'll be patient, tackle the job slowly but surely, and I'll get there.’
    • ‘Well, slowly but surely, the race for the White House is nearing the finish line.’
    • ‘This is a quick second test post - I'm getting there slowly but surely!’
    • ‘I read about the history of the music and, slowly but surely, I got into it.’
    • ‘The flat, slowly but surely, had been filling with gas (with me in it) for getting on for fourteen hours.’
    • ‘The euphoria has been fading out slowly but surely, and the trauma appears to be getting replaced by amnesia.’
    • ‘They're beginning to move slowly but surely to try to bring a couple million people back.’
    • ‘Then, slowly but surely, they started to claw their way back into the game.’
    • ‘Since we launched the parade in 1995, it has developed slowly but surely.’
    • ‘The hedge and trees are turning colour slowly but surely; if we get a frost in the next few days I think we may be in for a real show before they fall.’
    gradually, bit by bit, by degrees, little by little, slowly but surely, step by step, inchmeal