Definition of slowness in English:


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  • 1The quality of moving or operating at a low speed.

    ‘Elizabeth made her way upstairs with painful slowness’
    • ‘the slowness of the car’
    • ‘The work evokes an antiquated industrial machine, the slowness suggesting its imminent halt.’
    • ‘This isn't the slowness of an old man for whom everything is running down.’
    • ‘Instead of dying, he thrashes about a bit, then reaches with stilted slowness for his inner breast-pocket.’
    • ‘The anchor, which secured a ship, indicated slowness, while the dolphin expressed speed.’
    • ‘In slam poetry, speed is valued over slowness, as humour and attack are valued over emotion and thought.’
    • ‘The main symptoms are muscle stiffness, slowness of movement, and involuntary tremor.’
    • ‘The satellite gives very nice speed to the one computer, but the other four are slow, and the ISP is telling us what causes the slowness.’
    • ‘Initiated by the dancer in the center of the trio, the three performers reach their arms out to one another with a mechanical slowness.’
    • ‘The dopamine-producing nerve cells in the basal ganglia die, causing slowness of voluntary movement as well as difficulty with balance and muscle rigidity.’
    • ‘The actual speed produced by the motorbike is a speed of both slowness and fastness.’
    1. 1.1The quality of taking a long time.
      ‘the minutes passed with agonizing slowness’
      • ‘people complained about the slowness of the service’
      • ‘Gradually, with painful slowness, his reputation filtered out to European intellectuals on the lookout for new currents from the literary suburbs.’
      • ‘He knew that the federal project was hindered by terminal slowness.’
      • ‘This frustration is compounded with the overall slowness of the game.’
      • ‘It seemed the slowness of the previous episodes might finally be rewarded with some return on my taxed patience.’
      • ‘The only reason we have had to fight to maintain these contrarian stances is the unprecedented slowness of the sea change that is developing.’
      • ‘We work to maintain self-respect, but instead the slowness of the government is going to force us onto the dole!’
      • ‘When grassroots activists complained about the slowness of reform, he responded, "I don't care!"’
      • ‘He realised that the slowness of this process would have very serious immediate implications for his business.’
      • ‘The maddening slowness of enunciation and the monotony of intonation feel tired and false.’
      • ‘He established a firm in London, but it went bankrupt in 1732, probably due to the excessive slowness and complication of his method.’
  • 2Lack of understanding or intellect; dullness.

    ‘he was mocked for his slowness in class’
    • ‘Hs fatal fascination with the Arctic stems from his desire to find an environment suited to his peculiar slowness.’
    • ‘I thought back to the comment you made to her about "stupidity and slowness."’
    • ‘Unless they observe other areas of 'slowness' in their child, parents may hesitate to seek advice.’
    • ‘This particular deficit involves slowness in the ability to name repeated familiar objects accurately.’
    • ‘There commonly exists a great want of application, a slowness of intellect similar to the slowness of volition.’
    • ‘The opposite of high intellect is dullness or slowness, but the opposite of wisdom is foolishness, which is far more dangerous.’
    • ‘We emphasize the seeming slowness of wisdom as acquired by intellect in its finite journeying through finite existences.’
    • ‘An issue to consider is whether these patients have a slowness of thinking.’
    • ‘The resulting slowness of cognition is a cardinal element of the pattern of impairment.’
    • ‘The novel is built around Lennie, the character whose 'slowness' has most filtered into the American popular consciousness.’



/ˈslōnəs/ /ˈsloʊnəs/