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informal North American
  • A person who acts or moves slowly.

    British term slowcoach

    • ‘we were yelling for the slowpokes to catch up’
    • ‘When that happens, traditional news media look like slowpokes.’
    • ‘This is the third successive match now that he has come, played like a slowpoke and ruined India's runrate.’
    • ‘I'm famished too and was just waiting on you slowpokes.’
    • ‘Sources say Lowe's is thinking about auto-checkout systems, but it is unclear how popular such systems will become - especially if lines form when slowpokes can't scan their items faster than cashiers.’
    • ‘First, they point out, far from being slowpokes, boxfishes can scoot over a reef at six body lengths per second - an impressive speed by any standard.’
    • ‘Falorni says the shepherds were the slowpokes, not him.’
    • ‘And those are for the slowpokes - folks who have time to sit down at the dining room table and enjoy a meal.’
    • ‘This simple picture book is a charming account of a class walk during which Joe (the prototypical slowpoke who takes time to ‘smell the roses’) sees things that the other children miss.’
    • ‘One event for the sprinter pumped up on growth hormones and another for the free-range slowpoke.’
    • ‘It was that same awareness, on his part, that kept me from feeling like a slowpoke.’
    • ‘If I was the slowpoke driver, then Chanzy was the speed demon.’
    • ‘‘Whoops, forgot about the slowpoke guys,’ Esmée teased, ‘We'll catch you up, you go ahead and get tickets and such.’’
    • ‘‘Excuse me,’ I smiled to a polite-looking slowpoke woman.’
    • ‘You didn't expect us to stick around and wait for that slowpoke, did you?’
    • ‘Hurry up slowpoke and get some before I eat it all.’
    • ‘Hurry up, they'll be gone before you get there, slowpoke!’
    • ‘‘Bring it on, slowpoke,’ Andi taunted playfully.’
    • ‘‘Get out of bed, slowpoke,’ she snarled at me as she tossed the bag at my chest.’
    • ‘As for Virginia's other prescriptions, I think penalizing slowpoke professors is a great idea.’



/ˈslōˌpōk/ /ˈsloʊˌpoʊk/