Definition of sludgy in English:



See sludge

‘They've stripped the ceiling back to reveal the girders and piping, like some dated metropolitan style bar, yet they've kept the chandelier and the flock wallpaper and painted everything else an undistinguished sludgy brown.’
  • ‘One afternoon, we walked in to find her standing on the battered old dining room table, painting the ceiling a sludgy shade of snot green.’
  • ‘One's foot gladly sinks into the sludgy marsh.’
  • ‘The work - all colour-saturated images taken during a much brighter, greener season - is providing relief to eyes bored of our gray, sludgy January.’
  • ‘I did in fact drive earlier through the sludgy streets to Concrete University, discovering in the walk from the car to my office that my waterproof boots are no longer the former.’



/ˈsləjē/ /ˈslədʒi/