Definition of slugabed in English:



  • A lazy person who stays in bed late.

    • ‘I was awake at 6: 00 a.m. while the hardened slugabeds wanted to sleep the day away.’
    • ‘I'm hoping to get a few more from lollygaggers and slugabeds.’
    • ‘This time though, his team were not the slugabeds who had toiled so morosely against Austria, Poland and England in Manchester.’
    • ‘The sun is out and shining, and you are lying in bed like a lazy little slugabed.’
    • ‘Give it a read if you're interested in what a foreigner thought of English stage coaches and slugabed habits.’
    idler, loafer, good-for-nothing, wastrel, drone, scrounger, ne'er-do-well, do-nothing, layabout, slob, lounger, shirker, sluggard, laggard, slugabed, malingerer



/ˈsləɡəˌbed/ /ˈsləɡəˌbɛd/


Late 16th century from the rare verb slug ‘be lazy or slow’ + abed.