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‘The game opened very sluggishly with both sides guilty of poor finishing and it was only in the ninth minute that the scoreboard first saw some activity.’
  • ‘Europe has also maintained its prosperity, and although its economies are growing sluggishly, they are growing.’
  • ‘Touch it and it breaks up, rolls sluggishly away in pieces, like mercury.’
  • ‘Every window on our street is wide open, and the air is thrumming with the rotating hum of a hundred desktop fans, sluggishly pushing the warm air from room to room.’
  • ‘Their attention definitely was not on this match as they started sluggishly, allowing the home side to dictate matters.’
  • ‘The neurons in my brain sluggishly but surely started networking.’



/ˈsləɡəSHlē/ /ˈsləɡəʃli/