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slumber party

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  • A party, typically for preteen or teenage girls, in which all the guests spend the night at the house where the party is held.

    ‘Unlike the rest of the girls at the slumber party that Maggie was now hosting in her house, that was the case for two of them, in fact.’
    • ‘I was a kid, I was at a slumber party with 4th grade girls who were older than me.’
    • ‘Plan a slumber party, a night at the movies or a day at the amusement park.’
    • ‘The pain of not being a part of this party and the slumber party and the making out is just too much.’
    • ‘‘God you would think we were a group of hysterical teenage girls at a slumber party,’ Matt finally muttered, his voice low.’
    • ‘But then I remember going to Bree's house for a slumber party.’
    • ‘She'd actually managed to do this with the help of a hand computer she'd brought with her to the slumber party at Maggie's house without her knowledge at first.’
    • ‘Suddenly feeling like a little girl at a slumber party, sharing who our crushes are at the moment and then giggling wildly.’
    • ‘Giggling and shocked to light-headedness, the girls of the slumber party followed her in.’
    • ‘Chastity Li was just a normal girl having a normal slumber party with her friends.’
    • ‘We went to warm parties with mince pies and fruit-and-wine cake and sorpatel, leaving behind our Christmas tree and nativity scene back in our house, and Sophia in later years (whenever she wanted a slumber party at our house, that is).’
    • ‘Since the best place to observe grooming behaviour in modern society is at a teenaged girl's slumber party, I crashed one this weekend.’
    • ‘She had a slumber party with Riley and Kiki last night.’
    • ‘Since Jasper obviously wouldn't be joining them for the rest of that day, the girls decided that they would have a slumber party with just the two of them.’
    • ‘I suppose I could call it a tickle fight, although that really sounds like something a junior high girl would say in context of a slumber party.’
    • ‘If you girls are going to have a slumber party, he should come with us.’
    • ‘The Munchaks slept very little the night before because their daughter had hosted a slumber party.’
    • ‘I was at a slumber party at a friend's house when our hostess pulled out this game.’
    • ‘I'm going to be the oldest girl at a slumber party with a bunch of thirteen year old girls.’


slumber party

/ˈsləmbər ˈpärdē/ /ˈsləmbər ˈpɑrdi/