Definition of slumgullion in English:



informal US
  • Cheap or insubstantial stew.

    • ‘Once the final notes of ‘Hey Sailor’ had been played, we all clapped, and Batcha's galley-maid and another kitchen-hand sent porringers of vegetable slumgullion down the long tables for our evening meal.’
    • ‘This Christmas was nothing spectacular, and not at all rich for sailors like us - we had our Christmas services and the galley and prayed over our meal of slumgullion and treats of candied fruits.’
    • ‘I told him, then spooned more slumgullion into my mouth.’
    • ‘By the time I was done with that, the tiny bit of slumgullion that remained was cold; that was my supper that I would eat in my tiny quarter.’



/ˌsləmˈɡəlyən/ /ˌsləmˈɡəljən/


Late 19th century probably an invented word.