Definition of slumlord in English:



informal North American
  • A landlord of slum property, especially one who profiteers.

    • ‘‘I'm convinced that it's the first time this city will have a real plan of action against slums and slumlords,’ says Prescott, who believes it'll take some imagination and, of course, some cash.’
    • ‘Enforcement of minimum sanitary and housing codes in many cities, along with massive abandonment of properties by slumlords, also forced extensive demolition of low-income rental housing.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, housing demand goes up, housing supply goes unchanged, rents go up and quality goes down - thanks to all the slumlords who are renting illegally because the city won't let them do so legally.’
    • ‘I don't know if he's a slumlord, but the landlord's not really keeping his part of the deal.’
    • ‘Can you rent to the poor without being a slumlord?’
    • ‘The buildings are usually controlled by slumlords who overfill the flats, charge exorbitant rents and allow the buildings to become rundown.’
    • ‘His old man is an ageing slumlord who continuously guilt-trips his son into collecting overdue rent from tenants with whatever blunt object is available at the time.’
    • ‘For reformers, Riis included, the trouble with the Bend wasn't merely the profits it returned to slumlords and city politicians, nor was it just the high rents that forced tenants to sublet floor space to strangers.’
    • ‘The company is well-respected on both Wall Street and among nonprofit housing organizations - not an easy feat in an industry whose reputation is marred by slumlords.’
    • ‘His father owned a few buildings; the son refers to him now as ‘a slumlord.’’
    • ‘Not even that he's considered a notorious slumlord in his haunts in Southern California.’
    • ‘The problem was compounded when some owners emigrated or absconded, some sold their buildings to slumlords, and others abandoned their properties, allowing squatters to move in.’
    • ‘I have found in my experience that folks want to do the right things and reduce the role that slumlords have in their neighborhoods.’
    • ‘In the book, he talks to everyone he can think of who might be able to offer him some insight about rats: exterminators, other alley-dwellers, slumlords, and scientists.’
    • ‘Since the building tax exemption was a market correction, not an interference, that was a self-serving argument for slumlords and land speculators to make.’
    • ‘Who are the biggest slumlords in your community?’
    • ‘She figured that the city's best shot at making punishments for slumlords and their ilk stick was to make the underlying offenses civil infractions.’
    • ‘These conditions also existed in abandoned buildings occupied by squatters in New York and in buildings run by slumlords or taken over by the city.’
    • ‘Specifically, it's much less expensive to sort out student accommodation in Clonmel or Carlow than it is to pay slumlords in Dublin or Galway.’
    • ‘Thus, poor people who need rental housing - since they cannot afford to buy - end up going to slumlords.’



/ˈsləmˌlôrd/ /ˈsləmˌlɔrd/