Definition of slummer in English:



See slum

‘The wealthy aren't invited, since nobody wants it thrown out of whack by a bunch of elegant slummers.’
  • ‘These streets are the marketplace for garrulous gamine Eliza, who ekes out a living selling flowers to wealthy slummers.’
  • ‘It is in some sense surprising that a story with the potential to discipline literary slummers should find its way into a magazine that catered to them.’
  • ‘The novel describes vividly how reformers, do-gooders and slummers all beat a path to Southwark.’
  • ‘But when I went there in August I was disoriented by how tame the place felt as the slummers finally overwhelmed the neighborhood.’
  • ‘But by evening it transformed into a seductive siren, luring sailors and slummers into a dangerous milieu of opium dens, crimping joints, saloons, brothels and gambling houses.’
  • ‘And the scene escalates, people are rising from their chairs, the duly deputized representatives of barroom order show up… and the slummers get bounced right back out into the night.’
  • ‘I know people will call me a slummer for saying that, but I know that the underclass in American cities are like urban hunters and gatherers.’
  • ‘He paints a vivid picture of Victorian and Edwardian slummers and the social and sexual politics that impelled their urban journeys.’
  • ‘This magazine isn't for the New Yorker, it's for the slummer.’
  • ‘The ring-leader of the slummers, a duo of Austrians, is Sebastian.’