Definition of slung shot in English:

slung shot


  • A hard object, such as a metal ball, attached by a strap or thong to the wrist and used as a weapon.

    ‘The number 2 surprised even himself as he watched his low slung shot slide into the back of the net.’
    • ‘If he came willingly, the boatman gave him a drink; if he showed fight, the boatman hit him with a slung shot or club to keep him quiet.’
    • ‘There are hideous Chinese masks and slung shots, and sand-bags, and any amount of such paraphernalia of red murder.’
    • ‘Sailors made the slung shot and made it famous.’
    • ‘One that you hear about but don't often see is the old sailor's weapon known as a slungshot or slung shot.’
    • ‘Then put in three years with the dumb bells, sand bags, slung shots and tomahawk.’
    • ‘Solito was able to describe Jordan's expertise with the slung shot weapon, which was evidence of deliberation, maintained Leonard.’
    • ‘The Doctor says the wound was evidently inflicted with a slung shot.’
    • ‘Notice that the traditional wording, as carried throughout at least the mountain west from territorial days was slung shot a variety of morning star used as a blackjack - cf. flashlight batteries in a sock or a sand filled sock watered with whatever was convenient for use as a weapon.’
    • ‘No person shall carry concealed in any manner on his person any weapon of the kind commonly known as a slung shot, sandclub, metal knuckles, dagger, dirk, revolver, pistol, firearm or other dangerous weapon.’
    • ‘A person who uses a slung shot, blackjack, brass knuckles or similar weapon against another person, or attempts so to do, or who possesses a slung shot, blackjack, brass knuckles, or similar weapon, with intent so to use it, shall be imprisoned not more than five years or fined not more than $1,000.00 or both.’


slung shot

/sləNG SHät/ /sləŋ ʃɑt/